Case Study: StorageCraft and SolutionStart

StorageCraft partner Jimmy Georgiou, CEO and founder of SolutionStart Technologies, loves going to the dentist. That’s because his company specializes in technology solutions for dental offices. One reason for his company’s success More »

Syndeo Communications

CASE STUDY: StorageCraft and Syndeo Communications

Like most managed service providers, Andrew Hartman understands it’s not if a disaster is going to happen, but when. As the founder of Syndeo Communications, an IT consulting firm in the San More »

StorageCraft and the Hotel Industry

CASE STUDY: StorageCraft in the Hotel Industry

Learn how the IT admin of a very large hotel conglomerate takes care of backup and recovery for hundreds of servers. More »

Recovery Zone Digest

Sign Up for the Recovery Zone Digest

When it comes to disaster recovery, technology is only half the battle. As G. I. Joe taught us, knowing is the other half. Getting the knowledge you need to face off against More »

Legal Recover-Ability Guide

The Legal Industry v. Technology (New Recover-Ability Guide Ebook!)

The legal industry is a great untapped resource of revenue for many managed services providers. Certainly, there’s a lot to learn if you want to break into the business of providing service More »

CharTec, LLC

Case Study: StorageCraft Academy and CharTec

When your company mascot is a zebra with multi-colored stripes, it’s easy to guess how important it is for you to distinguish yourself from the rest of the herd. So when Ryan More »

Making IT Disaster Recovery Easy

Making IT Disaster Recovery Easy (Recover-Ability Guide for IT Admins)

Usually when you hear someone talking about fast disaster recovery, they’re talking about fancy new technologies that give you a leg up on your recovery. Sure, virtualization, image-based backup, and cloud computing can all contribute to More »

Advanced Backup Solutions

Case Study: StorageCraft and ABS

A s a StorageCraft® OEM partner, Advanced Backup Solutions (ABS) offers a best-of-breed business continuity solution that delivers enterprise-class data protection and disaster recovery to managed service providers (MSPs) who work with More »

Numa Networks

Case Study: StorageCraft and Numa Networks

It’s a sunny Saturday morning in Orange County, California when the help line rings at Numa Networks. A new customer is calling in a panic. The customer is a major beverage distributor, More »


Leader in Backup and Disaster Recovery Turns 10

DRAPER, Utah – Based on its innovative and reliable products, StorageCraft Technology Corporation has grown from a small, local start-up into a global company. It is one of today’s most trusted and More »

ProComp Group

Case Study: StorageCraft with ProComp Group and CRU

Sometimes it's tricky to find the right hardware to go with your software and vice versa. Once in a while, however, you can find two quality solutions that match perfectly. Learn all More »

Why Business Process Automation Needs Built-In Exception Handling

business process automation

Business process automation can be great, except when the systems keep employees from actually helping clients.

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Webinar: Virtualization Rollouts and Migrations Made Easy

Virtualization is beneficial, but it takes time and knowledge to implement. This webinar goes over some considerations you should make while you plan your virtualization rollout.

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Is the Internet of Things Just Big Brother in Disguise?

big brother and the internet of things

Daniel Gutierrez, chief data scientist for, answered some of our questions on the Internet of Things, big data, and more.

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Best Practices for Rebooting Business Critical Servers

server reboot gameplan

Having to apply security patches and the resulting rebooting process is something with which we are all familiar. This week I decided to look at what we can learn from these large cloud reboots as well as determine what best practices exist for those of us responsible for smaller, but no less critical, server farms.

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VMware TV Exclusive: StorageCraft Demos the Plug-in for VMware

how virtualization affects cloud adoption

During this interview, Matt Urmston, Chief Evangelist at StorageCraft, gives a brief demo of the new StorageCraft Plugin for VMware, which will be available soon.

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Webinar: Virtual Backup in a Hybrid World


Choosing the right backup for virtual systems can be tricky, especially if you still have legacy physical machines to manage. Should you go with a virtual-only solution, two separate solutions, or an all-in-one? One size does not fit all, but choosing the right solution can help you protect all of your systems and simplify recovery.

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StorageCraft’s James earns spot on Top 50 Midmarket IT Vendor Executive List for 2014 by Midsize Enterprise Summit


DRAPER, Utah, — StorageCraft Technology Corporation Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Curt James is a member of this year’s Top 50 Midmarket IT Vendor Executive list, which features the industry’s most influential vendor executives who serve midmarket and midsize customers. The list shines a spotlight on the professionals driving one of the most important customer segments in the industry today.

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Does BPA (Business Process Automation) Make for Lazy Employees?

business automation

If you make business processes overly automated, will employees become lethargic and less creative?

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Network Virtualization: Security Benefits, Risks and Best Practices 

virtualization and security

If network intrusion and data breaches are topics that keep you up at night, security may be the fuel behind your virtualization aspirations.

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Somebody is Watching You: Understanding and Keeping your Privacy

information security

We spoke with some experts in the information security field about what companies are doing– or should be doing– to keep data completely secure.

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RAID Edition Drives: Are They Worth It?

western digital drive

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the features that set RAID edition drives, like the Western Digital RE (RAID Edition) apart from consumer grade drives such as the popular Western Digital Black drives.

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StorageCraft Technology to exhibit at VMworld Europe

CORK, Ireland, — StorageCraft® Technology, a leader in backup and disaster recovery solutions for virtual, hybrid and physical environments, will be exhibiting at VMworld Europe 2014 in Barcelona, Spain.

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5 Reasons to Adopt Desktop Virtualization

desktop virtualization

Companies with limited resources – manpower or space wise – are perfect candidates for desktop virtualization.

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StorageCraft named to inaugural CRN Cloud Partner Program Guide

DRAPER, Utah, — Backup and disaster recovery leader StorageCraft® Technology Corporation announced today that it has been named to the inaugural CRN Cloud Partner Program Guide, a list of the leading technology vendors with cloud-related partner programs designed to benefit members of the indirect IT channel and their cloud initiatives.

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Your IT Path: Experience vs. Education

IT Education

Everyone is always happy to tell you how important experience is over certifications and degrees when working in IT. Few things are so readily agreed upon within the industry. What is shocking, however, is how often that advice does not get translated into a practical reality.

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MSPs: Does Your Small Business Client Need a Server or a NAS?

Dual Cool!

In the (relatively) old days, choosing between a server and a NAS (Network Attached Storage) was straightforward. If you needed storage, you chose a NAS. If you needed to run applications and processes, you chose a server. But now the lines are blurring.

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The Big Deal About Big Data: Sizzle or Steak For Your Business?

big deal about big data

Big data. The trend garners attention from healthcare to law enforcement, and people refer to it so much, some have called it one of the most annoying buzzwords to come along in recent time. There’s a lot of hype surrounding this thing, but as these examples show, some organizations are really extracting value from the big data phenomenon.

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Do you Need a Storage Management Policy?

time for a storage policy?

Businesses store an awful lot of data these days. Is it time to implement a storage policy to help manage this blossoming data?

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Making the Case for Desktop Backups

desktop backups

Is file-based backup enough for clients’ desktop units or should managed service providers be taking full, image-based backups of them? Proper desktop backups can be a value to clients and a potential revenue source for you.

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The Future of Intel

Intel logo

Chances are you use Intel chips in some of your devices, but do you know where they’re headed as a company? We have a few ideas.

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Examples of Archival Neglect Throughout History and Lessons in Disaster Recovery

archival neglect

There haven’t always been computers, cloud platforms, and sophisticated storage devices, but information and archiving goes back to the days of the “tabularia” used in Ancient China, Rome, and Greece. Data management blunders and misfortunes can be traced back pretty far as well. These examples of mass data loss are the collective poster child of archival neglect.

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Practical Exchange Management, Part 2: Time for an Attachment Bypass

email attachments

Standardizing and automating your email are great steps toward slimming down your Microsoft Exchange server. But it doesn’t solve the attachment problem, arguably the biggest source of excess bulk on Exchange.

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Protecting Overlooked Customer Data

protecting user data

When I was a managed service provider (MSP), I always did my best to ensure our business had a well thought out process for backing up client data. We leveraged Small Business Server for most of our clients, had everyone’s My Documents folder redirected to the server and felt confident we were fully protecting our clients’ data. We were wrong.

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“It Won’t Happen to Me”: When Small Businesses Gamble with Backup Coverage

backup coverage

For those that choose to go without data backup coverage, their files are constantly at risk for data loss. Most think, “It won’t happen to me” and take a gamble by going without backup protection. But all too often, businesses lose that bet.

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All the Disaster Preparedness Info you Need

all the disaster preparedness you need

Chances are you’ve got a few holes in your disaster recovery plan—whether it’s for your home or business. One of these articles has the information you’re looking for.

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