don't let a disaster be your first backup test

Don’t Let a Disaster Be Your First Backup Test (New Recover-Ability Guide Ebook)

Our latest ebook gives you a glimpse into the importance of testing and offer some best practices for how and when to test backups so that when hardware failure, user error, or More »


Case Study: CPI Solutions and StorageCraft Conquer Cryptolocker

Conquering Cryptolocker? No big deal. Read how CPI Solutions does it with StorageCraft. More »


Case Study: Xamin, Western Digital, and StorageCraft

Learn how MSP Xamin protects and secures data for financial institutions and medical practices using a slick combination of hardware from Western Digital and software from StorageCraft. More »

StorageCraft and VDI Space Case Study

Case Study: StorageCraft and VDI Space

Convincing customers to migrate their IT infrastructure to a completely cloud-based solution is a difficult sell, to say the least. The production disruption alone is enough to kill the sale. So how More »

Selling Disaster Recovery as a Service

Selling Disaster Recovery as a Service (New Profit-Ability Guide Ebook!)

If you’re not selling disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), you could be missing out on a lot: more revenue, happier clients, and a better night’s sleep. In our new Profit-Ability Guide More »


Case Study: StorageCraft and SolutionStart

StorageCraft partner Jimmy Georgiou, CEO and founder of SolutionStart Technologies, loves going to the dentist. That’s because his company specializes in technology solutions for dental offices. One reason for his company’s success More »

Syndeo Communications

CASE STUDY: StorageCraft and Syndeo Communications

Like most managed service providers, Andrew Hartman understands it’s not if a disaster is going to happen, but when. As the founder of Syndeo Communications, an IT consulting firm in the San More »

StorageCraft and the Hotel Industry

CASE STUDY: StorageCraft in the Hotel Industry

Learn how the IT admin of a very large hotel conglomerate takes care of backup and recovery for hundreds of servers. More »

Recovery Zone Digest

Sign Up for the Recovery Zone Digest

When it comes to disaster recovery, technology is only half the battle. As G. I. Joe taught us, knowing is the other half. Getting the knowledge you need to face off against More »

Legal Recover-Ability Guide

The Legal Industry v. Technology (New Recover-Ability Guide Ebook!)

The legal industry is a great untapped resource of revenue for many managed services providers. Certainly, there’s a lot to learn if you want to break into the business of providing service More »

CharTec, LLC

Case Study: StorageCraft Academy and CharTec

When your company mascot is a zebra with multi-colored stripes, it’s easy to guess how important it is for you to distinguish yourself from the rest of the herd. So when Ryan More »

We’re moving! New HQ facility opens Monday


We’re moving! Our new building in Draper, UT is ready for action and we will be operating out of this location effective Monday.

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StorageCraft Awarded 5-Star Rating in CRN’s 2015 Partner Program Guide

PPG_5_Star_Logo_2015 (2)

StorageCraft Technology Corp. today announced it has been awarded a 5-Star rating in The Channel Company’s CRN 2015 Partner Program Guide. This is the third-straight 5-Star rating for the backup and disaster recovery solution provider.

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Alternatives to LogMeIn for Remote PC Access

remote pc access

A little over a year ago, LogMeIn shut down the free version of their popular remote PC access service. Let’s take a look at the companies filling the void.

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Five Questions to Ask Yourself about Backup and Recovery Testing

Five Questions to Ask Yourself about Backup and Recovery Testing

Your client knows to call you when disaster strikes; will you know what to do? Use these questions to prepare your backup and recovery testing processes.

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Spam Fighting for MSPs: 3 Solutions to Consider

Fighting Spam for MSPs

If your idea of fighting SPAM is employing basic filtering or blacklists, you’ll be happy to know far more automated and powerful options exist today. Let’s look at a few of the most popular options.

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Webinar: Virtual to Virtual Migration Challenges

virtual to virtual migration

This recorded webinar discusses challenges involved in migrating from one virtual platform to another as well as a number of best practices for making a switch without trouble.

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How Do We Understand Server Failure Rates Without Large-scale Studies?

server failure rates

There aren’t many reliable studies on server failure rates. We’ll discuss why these studies are so tough to perform, and what information you consider instead.

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IT Disasters in Focus: Malware

disasters in focus malware

In each edition of IT Disaster in Focus, we explore some of the biggest, most annoying, and costly IT disasters you can encounter. This time, we’ll focus on malware.

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StorageCraft’s Mike Kunz recognized as 2015 CRN Channel Chief

StorageCraft Technology Corporation announced today that its vice president of worldwide sales, Mike Kunz, has been named one of CRN’s 2015 Channel Chiefs.

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Now Available: StorageCraft Downtime Calculator App for Android and iPhone

StorageCraft Partner-Mobility App

Ever wonder how much system downtime will cost your business? StorageCraft is thrilled to announce its upcoming downtime calculator app, which will enable you to quantify your customer’s downtime loss anytime, anywhere.


IT Services in the Legal Industry: Seven Tips to Get Started Today

IT Services in the legal industry

Law firms use all kinds of applications and operations to make sure their case files are handled properly so they meet those critical deadlines. And many times, that means they will need a managed service provider to make sure their office stays up-and-running. Here are some tips on how to get into this profitable industry.

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Opportunities in IT and the Top 3 VAR Money-Making Trends 

VAR money-making trends

VAR programs are widely available to small and medium-sized businesses looking to profit by reselling highly sought after IT services. In a dream scenario, you choose a partner with a hot technology, integrate it into your offerings, and make bookoo bucks for the foreseeable future. Sounds good, but the road isn’t always so smooth for aspiring VARs.

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4 Tools to Document Your Network

tools for documentation

As StorageCraft noted in their ebook Making Disaster Recovery Easy, documentation is key for a solid backup and disaster recovery plan, which is why I want to take a look at a number of products that can assist MSPs in documenting the networks they manage.

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StorageCraft receives Best Software Solution award from ChannelPro SMB Forum attendees

ChannelPro SMB Forum attendees voted backup and disaster recovery solution provider StorageCraft Technology Corporation as the best Software Solution Provider on March 3 in Linthicum, Md. The ChannelPro SMB Forum featured presentations from some of the top SMB resellers and managed service providers in the country, sharing their insights on the hottest tech solutions in

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Webinar: Growing Your Business by Wowing Clients with Faster Service on Virtualization Projects

grow business

Whether 2015 marks your first virtual machine (VM) migration or you have dozens under your belt, you’ll want to view this recorded webinar to gain perspective on how to choose the right migration tool for your business, and the challenges and choices faced before, during, and after your migration project.

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Five Things MSPs Aren’t Doing (But Should Be)

MSP business

Given the nature of business, it can be tough to find time for certain tasks, but there are a number of things an MSP business can do to make life easier.

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Why Cloud DR: Building a Case For Users and IT Service Providers

cloud DR

Disasters can disrupt business operations in ways that are tough to recover from. And though the associated privacy and security concerns are well documented, the cloud may very well be a perfect fit for disaster recovery applications.

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What’s the Real Difference Between Data Archives and Backup Data?

archive data vs. backup data

Both backup data and data archiving focus on protecting and saving data; however, their objective for doing so differs. Here’s how.

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Five Unexpected Benefits of a Disaster Recovery Plan

benefits of a DR plan

The benefits of having a disaster recovery plan are more than just readiness. Here are a few reasons you should consider making a disaster recovery plan that you may not have considered.

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4 Awesome Open Source Tools for Systems Administrators and Developers


These days there’s a tool for everything an IT admin or developer needs to do and a lot of them are free and open-sourced. Here are four of our favorites.

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In the World of Cloud Backup Options, Which is Best?

cloud backup and storage

What’s “best” depends on a variety of factors. Here are some pros and cons to various cloud backup and recovery methods.

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Don’t Let a Disaster Be Your First Backup Test (New Recover-Ability Guide Ebook)

don't let a disaster be your first backup test

Our latest ebook gives you a glimpse into the importance of testing and offer some best practices for how and when to test backups so that when hardware failure, user error, or even a disaster wipes out your systems, you can recover with speed and confidence.

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Can MSPs Make Money with Managed Hosting?

MSPs and web hosting

Web hosting becomes extremely attractive when packaged as a managed service. MSPs can offer these white-glove services on a small or large scale and make hosting a top selling item in their portfolio.

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MSPs: 3 Tips to Help Your Retail Customers Stay PCI DSS Compliant

credit card compliance

If you have clients in the retail industry, you can help them keep customer data safe by following credit card compliance standards. Here are a few tips.

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Comparing NVIDIA and AMD Graphics Cards


This week I’d like to take a look at the video card (GPU) market and see what’s happening today. I’m going to look at two major areas that depend greatly on GPU performance and see if I can uncover some trends that may be valuable the next time you build or recommend a system.

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