Appetite for Destruction: The Disaster Café in Spain

Appetite for Destruction: The Disaster Café in Spain

August 7

The threat of earthquakes is very real for many people. In fact, in April, a deadly 7.8 earthquake rattled Iran, taking the lives of 38 people, and destroying the homes of entire villages of people. Oddly enough, in Spain, people were paying money to experience an earthquake of the same magnitude. They what?!

Suppose you’re sitting quietly at a nice café, enjoying a freshly prepared dish when the lights go out. People start screaming and horrible rumbling fills the air as your chair and table shake mercilessly with the force of a 7.8 earthquake. You’re not afraid because you knew that at some point during your meal, this would happen, and in fact, you paid for it.

The people in the restaurant aren’t masochists or crazy folks. They aren’t trying to get injured or to endure a life-threatening scenario—they’re just trying to have a very unique meal at a very unique restaurant.

This is the experience offered at the Disaster Café in Lloret de Mar, Spain. Patrons get the chance to safely live through a bone-shattering earthquake while enjoying a delicious meal. The idea seems crazy—who would want to experience a frightening disaster? For adrenaline junkies or those looking for a little more adventure in their fine dining, the experience of eating at the Disaster Café is second to none.

According to an article on Oddity Central, the Disaster Café itself looks like a regular restaurant. Inside, the ground floor features a neat alien-themed restaurant for the young ones, but downstairs is where the action happens. Patrons ride an elevator downstairs into a cave like restaurant where employees dress in hard hats and other safety equipment—it’s somewhat like eating inside of a mineshaft.

Nobody tells you when it will happen, but just as you’re stuffing your face, a heavy rumbling will pick up and your chair and table, and everything will start to shake. The dishes are extra heavy to prevent them from falling, but messy spills are common. Luckily, there are never serious injuries at the Disaster Café since the room is designed to shake without chunks of ceiling falling off. The shaking is real and probably quite terrifying, but it’s all in good fun. As for me, I think I’ll eat in a normal restaurant.

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Photo By R.B. Colton.Storm05 at en.wikipedia.