Cloud, Security and Big Data

Cloud, Security and Big Data

October 23

There are always new buzzwords to keep on top of in the world of Information Technology. Several years ago, Cloud Computing was the phrase everyone was throwing around, and it’s only been recently that it’s started to gain some traction. As we noted in our white paper about cloud computing, backup and cloud seem like they’re made for each other. But as in any cheesy romance movie, things are not always what they seem. So even with some maturity, you should proceed with caution when it comes to any cloud solution.

This week, Gartner shared 10 trends you need to stay on top of in the IT industry. The list includes a lot of new buzzwords like Big DataHybrid Clouds, and BYOD. It’s certain that many of these trends will truly take hold and become a part of our everyday lives in the next five years. But as with all things related to your data, be aware of what you’re giving up as you jump  onto the latest tech train. As data grows, spreads and proliferates, we lose security. Which is why we’ve heard a lot of warnings lately about moving all over your data and applications to the cloud. If it’s all in the cloud, you don’t have local, direct control. Even with local control, you may not know what’s going on with your data.

Talking with our own IT administrators at StorageCraft, you realize the magnitude of the problem. You can lock everything down, which then hampers productivity — or you can head in the opposite direction and give your entire organization free reign, which leads to the wild, wild west. You didn’t know your tech train had chugged into Tombstone, did you? To avoid a shootout at the OK Corral or the entire citizenry locked up in the city jail, a few laws are in order. Adaptable, flexible policies always make everyone’s lives easier. Do you allow employees to bring their own devices and use them at work? Then you may want to limit what they can access while connected to your network. Sure, they can stream Netflix or play games on their iPad from home, but you don’t want them playing Angry Birds or streaming the new Bond movie on company time. Not only does that impact productivity, it certainly impacts your network bandwidth.

As with everything else related to your data, policies and procedures, and a whole LOT of planning, will help you avoid problems that can affect your bottom line.