How a Disaster Recovery Plan Can Save Your Business

How a Disaster Recovery Plan Can Save Your Business

October 19

We talk about how important it is to have a disaster recovery plan, but it’s great to see a partner practice what they preach. We’ve featured one of our partners, SNC Squared, before in our case study, SNC Squared Recovers From a Deadly Tornado.

This week, Small Business Computing featured SNC Squared in an article about how disaster recovery plans can save a company. SNC Squared helps other organizations create and implement their disaster recovery plans, but it can speak first-hand about what it takes to survive and grow after a disaster.

John Motazedi, the CEO at SNC Squared, shared some photos and best practices for this article that give some insight into the lessons that he learned as he helped his own company – and then the healthcare providers in Joplin – execute their disaster recovery plan and rebuild after the storm.

We’re proud to partner with SNC Squared, and we’re beyond thrilled that they’re now in their brand-new building.

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