Introducing the FREE StorageCraft Partner-Mobility App

Introducing the FREE StorageCraft Partner-Mobility App

August 15

“Ahhhh, the good old days,” is a phrase that you hear now and then from nostalgic people who wish their life was somehow simpler and easier.  While I will admit that the pace of life nowadays is considerably faster than when people had time to sit on a front porch and sip lemonade, life is so much simpler and cooler now than ever before with the advent of things like the Internet and mobile phones.  For example, remember when your personal calendar hung on a wall in the kitchen, or was a loose leaf binder you carried around religiously from meeting to meeting? Or, remember when keeping in touch with someone meant sending a letter and waiting weeks for a response?  Those days are gone forever, especially for StorageCraft partners!

Introducing the FREE StorageCraft Partner-Mobility App for Apple and Android

With the new StorageCraft Partner-Mobility app, you can gain instant access to our Partner Portal to:

  • Get accurate price estimates with our easy-to-use price calculator
  • Receive up-to-the-minute StorageCraft news feeds and promotional information
  • Plan ahead with a calendar of all upcoming events
  • Register deals quickly, easily, and from anywhere

All this from the convenience of your smart phone, day or night, wherever in the world you have an Internet connection.

Download the StorageCraft Partner-Mobility App NOW

As a StorageCraft partner, you can just download the Partner-Mobility app by clicking here. If you are not yet a StorageCraft partner, learn more about how to sign up today!

Let Us Know What You Think

After you’ve downloaded the app and played around with it a while, let us know what you think. We’re anxious to get your feedback on how we can make this cool new tool more useful for you. Simply send us a message by navigating in the app to More > Contact Us.

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