Managing your 2013 Trade Show Events Calendar

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It’s a New Year and a perfect time to improve your current process for trade-show Management.

Here are a few suggestions I have for planning and keeping track of your 2013 events.

1.    Event Management Software:

We use ShowGo software because it’s designed specifically with trade-show management in mind.

It has the look and feel of Microsoft Outlook and is just as easy to use. We use this software because it easily tracks everything from our inventory to our budget in a simple, user-friendly interface, and also allows everyone to work through the same management system. That way we can ensure that our efforts are coordinated and nobody forgets to dot an “I” or that our “Ts” don’t get crossed twice.

2.    Sufficient Staffing:

It’s absolutely imperative to have employees that are dependable and reliable to help with the management of the events you’re exhibiting at. With any given event there are dozens of things that can go wrong and when you’re team is preparing to coordinate packing, shipping, and other event related items for several events simultaneously, you’ve got to be confident that everyone on your event coordinating staff is meticulous in their efforts.

3.     Weekly Follow-up Meetings:

I would suggest that you have weekly meetings with different departments to follow-up on your event activities. I have a separate meeting with my event coordinators, sales team, and with the different venues to make sure everything is in order. You can’t expect to coordinate anything if you can’t coordinate with the people you work with most closely. You’ve got to understand individual needs and requests while at the same time ensuring everyone is on the same page and everybody gets equal floor time to express their ideas– you aren’t individuals, you’re a team.

If you’re in the area, be sure to check out some of our upcoming events, It would be great to see you there!

January 30th: SHI Sales Kick-Off

Palmer Events Center

900 Barton Springs Road

Austin, TX 78704


February 11th-13th: Etech Ohio

Greater Columbus Convention Center

400 N High Street

Columbus, OH 43215


February 12th: Platte River Networks

Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

1445 Market Street

Denver, CO 80202

April Mackay

April Mackay

April Mackay is the Marketing Event Manager at StorageCraft Technology. She is a graduate from Westminster College in Communications and Business. She has a passion for event planning and an eye for making tradeshow booths look great. With a background in operations management, she is a welcome asset to the marketing team. When she isn’t planning trade shows she is wakeboarding, four-wheeling, and enjoying the outdoors. One of her favorite quotes by John Wooden says, “Things turn out the best for the people who make the best out of the way things turn out.”

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