Nothing protects data quite like backup and recovery software, report says

April 22, 2012

When exploring what a company can do to protect its critical and confidential information, decision-makers ought to take note of the benefits of backup and recovery software. According to a recent PC Magazine report, the technology provides the “ultimate” security for data.

Antivirus software and other data security measures are limited in how they can safeguard information, the report said. The tools may stop an intruder from accessing and stealing data, but what happens if the on-premise network is knocked out by a power outage or wiped out by a natural disaster?

According to PC Magazine, the effects of both instances can be mitigated with backup and recovery software.

“[L]et’s face it, sometimes the bad guys get around security software,” the report said. “To make sure you don’t lose essential data, set up a system of regular backups.”

In many cases, a recent PC Pro report noted, a single backup platform may not be enough. According to the news provider, it’s a good idea to have backups for backup data, which could come in the form of utilizing both on-premise and cloud-based technology to protect information.