don't let a disaster be your first backup test

Don’t Let a Disaster Be Your First Backup Test (New Recover-Ability Guide Ebook)

Our latest ebook gives you a glimpse into the importance of testing and offer some best practices for how and when to test backups so that when hardware failure, user error, or More »


Case Study: CPI Solutions and StorageCraft Conquer Cryptolocker

Conquering Cryptolocker? No big deal. Read how CPI Solutions does it with StorageCraft. More »


Case Study: Xamin, Western Digital, and StorageCraft

Learn how MSP Xamin protects and secures data for financial institutions and medical practices using a slick combination of hardware from Western Digital and software from StorageCraft. More »

StorageCraft and VDI Space Case Study

Case Study: StorageCraft and VDI Space

Convincing customers to migrate their IT infrastructure to a completely cloud-based solution is a difficult sell, to say the least. The production disruption alone is enough to kill the sale. So how More »

Selling Disaster Recovery as a Service

Selling Disaster Recovery as a Service (New Profit-Ability Guide Ebook!)

If you’re not selling disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), you could be missing out on a lot: more revenue, happier clients, and a better night’s sleep. In our new Profit-Ability Guide More »


Case Study: StorageCraft and SolutionStart

StorageCraft partner Jimmy Georgiou, CEO and founder of SolutionStart Technologies, loves going to the dentist. That’s because his company specializes in technology solutions for dental offices. One reason for his company’s success More »

Syndeo Communications

CASE STUDY: StorageCraft and Syndeo Communications

Like most managed service providers, Andrew Hartman understands it’s not if a disaster is going to happen, but when. As the founder of Syndeo Communications, an IT consulting firm in the San More »

StorageCraft and the Hotel Industry

CASE STUDY: StorageCraft in the Hotel Industry

Learn how the IT admin of a very large hotel conglomerate takes care of backup and recovery for hundreds of servers. More »

Recovery Zone Digest

Sign Up for the Recovery Zone Digest

When it comes to disaster recovery, technology is only half the battle. As G. I. Joe taught us, knowing is the other half. Getting the knowledge you need to face off against More »

Legal Recover-Ability Guide

The Legal Industry v. Technology (New Recover-Ability Guide Ebook!)

The legal industry is a great untapped resource of revenue for many managed services providers. Certainly, there’s a lot to learn if you want to break into the business of providing service More »

CharTec, LLC

Case Study: StorageCraft Academy and CharTec

When your company mascot is a zebra with multi-colored stripes, it’s easy to guess how important it is for you to distinguish yourself from the rest of the herd. So when Ryan More »

Can MSPs Make Money with Managed Hosting?

MSPs and web hosting

Web hosting becomes extremely attractive when packaged as a managed service. MSPs can offer these white-glove services on a small or large scale and make hosting a top selling item in their portfolio.

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MSPs: 3 Tips to Help Your Retail Customers Stay PCI DSS Compliant

credit card compliance

If you have clients in the retail industry, you can help them keep customer data safe by following credit card compliance standards. Here are a few tips.

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Comparing NVIDIA and AMD Graphics Cards


This week I’d like to take a look at the video card (GPU) market and see what’s happening today. I’m going to look at two major areas that depend greatly on GPU performance and see if I can uncover some trends that may be valuable the next time you build or recommend a system.

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StorageCraft Technology to exhibit, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at CeBIT 2015

One of the most trusted names in the backup and disaster recovery industry, StorageCraft® Technology, will be exhibiting 16-20 March at CeBIT 2015 in Hannover, Germany. CeBIT attendees will have an opportunity to learn about the award-winning StorageCraft Recover-Ability™ Solution when they stop by booth A47 in Hall 2.

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Practical RAID Decision-Making

Practical RAID Decision Making

My goal here is to provide a handy guide that will allow a non-storage practitioner to approach RAID decision making in a practical and, most importantly, safe way.

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Top 5 Real Estate Technology Trends for MSPs to Watch in 2015  

real estate tech

Just like most other sectors today, this market is currently in the midst of a technological transformation. Understanding some of these trends is useful for any MSP hoping to help out real estate firms with their fast-paced businesses.

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Tales from the Data Recovery Lab: Why Offsite Backup is 100% Necessary

offsite backup

It’s not that you can’t recover data from a failed drive, it’s that it’s less expensive to avoid that option by using backups. Here’s why.

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Upgrading Your Site or App? It Might be Time to Hire a Freelancer

website update

Revamping a website, looking for a way to offer more services or creating your own app could cause you or your clients to seek some outside help.

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How to Choose the Right Web Hosting Company the First Time Around 

web hosting

For most of us, the success of a website is linked to the company hosting it, which makes it crucial to choose the right one.

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StorageCraft voted Best Software Solution, Best Partner Involvement winner at Miami ASCII Success Summit


DRAPER, Utah — ASCII Success Summit attendees in Miami cast their ballots and voted StorageCraft® Technology Corporation as the winner of two awards: Best Software Solution and Best Partner Involvement. The awards were announced at the conclusion of the two-day ASCII event on Thursday.

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The Coolest Tech Projects from Kickstarter


Here are a few of the coolest technologies coming from crowd-sourcing site Kickstarter.

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IT Veterans: Pay It Forward Through Mentoring

IT Mentorship

Have you reached out to those younger or less experienced people in your field, whether in-house or not, to help them be better at their jobs — or perhaps more importantly, be better people in general?

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Slow OS, Fast Data

slow OS fast data

Storage performance is of little to no consequence for operating systems– especially hypervisors. This article discusses best practices for balancing storage and OS performance.

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Where Are Businesses Spending Their IT budgets in 2015?

IT spending 2015

Some new research by IT networking firm Spiceworks gives us an idea how much service providers are allocating to their IT projects and identifies exactly where they’re dumping those dollars.

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The Low Down on Virtualization and Containers

virualization containers

Containers are back! This old technology is becoming new again as companies are pairing it with virtualization to run multiple isolated systems through one host.

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Case Study: CPI Solutions and StorageCraft Conquer Cryptolocker


Conquering Cryptolocker? No big deal. Read how CPI Solutions does it with StorageCraft.

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Top 9 Fears Every MSP Has to Overcome

top 9 MSP fears

From making money to staying relevant and keeping customers happy, managed service providers have plenty to keep them up at night. We’re all worry warts at heart, but the key is tackling our fears head on and owning them.

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Most Reliable Hardware of 2014

reliable hardware 2014

The term “best” is often different, but in this case, the keyword is reliability. From CPUs to RAM and motherboards, here’s the most reliable hardware of 2014.

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Why “Contract to Hire” IT Positions Don’t Make Sense for Anyone

Contract to Hire in IT

Information Technology workers are bombarded with “Contract to Hire” positions, often daily. This article explores a number of reasons why this type of position is fundamentally flawed.

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How to Build Client Trust: 8 Fundamentals for MSPs

MSP guide to building trust

It’s simple. Strong relationships foster trust and trust breeds loyalty. These are key objectives every business strives for. This guide will introduce MSPs to the fundamentals of building trust with customers and sustaining it for the long haul.

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How to Move Your Business and Not Miss a Beat Part Two: Packing Up Your IT Infrastructure

moving your IT infrastructure

In part one, we examined the core fundamentals of a proper relocation project. But for MSPs and other firms that sell IT services, some of the most pressing challenges associated with moving are related to IT itself.

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Learning from The Open Compute Project

open compute project

The idea behind the Open Compute project is to throw the rules of the traditional data center out the window to create something more efficient and more powerful.

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Linux Adoption and Real Life Use Cases in Business 

Linux adoption

Linux has long been a favorite of computer users from all walks of life. Here are some of the heavy-hitters who love Linux, and why they use it.

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How to Move Your Business and Not Miss a Beat Part One: Drawing up Plans

moving business

Whether the move is triggered by rising real estate costs, easier access to better talent, or growth opportunities, there is a lot to consider when moving your business.

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State of the System on a Chip Market

system on a chip

This week I want to take a look at where the systems on a chip market is today and how future developments will have an impact on IT.

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