Case Study: StorageCraft and SolutionStart

StorageCraft partner Jimmy Georgiou, CEO and founder of SolutionStart Technologies, loves going to the dentist. That’s because his company specializes in technology solutions for dental offices. One reason for his company’s success More »

Syndeo Communications

CASE STUDY: StorageCraft and Syndeo Communications

Like most managed service providers, Andrew Hartman understands it’s not if a disaster is going to happen, but when. As the founder of Syndeo Communications, an IT consulting firm in the San More »

StorageCraft and the Hotel Industry

CASE STUDY: StorageCraft in the Hotel Industry

Learn how the IT admin of a very large hotel conglomerate takes care of backup and recovery for hundreds of servers. More »

Recovery Zone Digest

Sign Up for the Recovery Zone Digest

When it comes to disaster recovery, technology is only half the battle. As G. I. Joe taught us, knowing is the other half. Getting the knowledge you need to face off against More »

Legal Recover-Ability Guide

The Legal Industry v. Technology (New Recover-Ability Guide Ebook!)

The legal industry is a great untapped resource of revenue for many managed services providers. Certainly, there’s a lot to learn if you want to break into the business of providing service More »

CharTec, LLC

Case Study: StorageCraft Academy and CharTec

When your company mascot is a zebra with multi-colored stripes, it’s easy to guess how important it is for you to distinguish yourself from the rest of the herd. So when Ryan More »

Making IT Disaster Recovery Easy

Making IT Disaster Recovery Easy (Recover-Ability Guide for IT Admins)

Usually when you hear someone talking about fast disaster recovery, they’re talking about fancy new technologies that give you a leg up on your recovery. Sure, virtualization, image-based backup, and cloud computing can all contribute to More »

Advanced Backup Solutions

Case Study: StorageCraft and ABS

A s a StorageCraft® OEM partner, Advanced Backup Solutions (ABS) offers a best-of-breed business continuity solution that delivers enterprise-class data protection and disaster recovery to managed service providers (MSPs) who work with More »

Numa Networks

Case Study: StorageCraft and Numa Networks

It’s a sunny Saturday morning in Orange County, California when the help line rings at Numa Networks. A new customer is calling in a panic. The customer is a major beverage distributor, More »


Leader in Backup and Disaster Recovery Turns 10

DRAPER, Utah – Based on its innovative and reliable products, StorageCraft Technology Corporation has grown from a small, local start-up into a global company. It is one of today’s most trusted and More »

ProComp Group

Case Study: StorageCraft with ProComp Group and CRU

Sometimes it's tricky to find the right hardware to go with your software and vice versa. Once in a while, however, you can find two quality solutions that match perfectly. Learn all More »

All the Disaster Preparedness Info you Need

all the disaster preparedness you need

Chances are you’ve got a few holes in your disaster recovery plan—whether it’s for your home or business. One of these articles has the information you’re looking for.

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Encryption in Messaging Apps: How Secure Are Your Communications?

encrypted messaging apps

Anti-virus software and firewalls are common security technologies we’ve been taught to prioritize. Encryption deserves the same respect.

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Hiring the Perfect IT Admin

IT administrators

If you are considering hiring an IT or network administrator, this week column is right up your alley.

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How to Improve Your Web Presence with WordPress & Drupal

word press or drupal

a lot of MSP businesses have websites, but is it time for a revamp? If so, Drupal and WordPress might be viable options. Let’s look at what they each have to offer.

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Is Video Conferencing a Cost Effective Service Offering For MSPs?

video conferencing

Set up just right, video conferencing can improve communication, reduce travel costs, increase productivity, and give organizations a sizeable edge over the competition. There’s a lot on the table, but due to the complexities associated with taming this beast at the heart, some businesses are hesitant to dive into the adoption pool. Enter managed services.

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A New Way to Market Your Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

computer technology

BDR is old hat for IT service providers. We’ve even marketed it the same way for years, by preying on people’s fears. Well, it’s time to rethink how we market BDR.

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Utah AMA names StorageCraft Best Marketing Team

DRAPER, Utah, — The Utah Chapter, American Marketing Association named StorageCraft Technology Corporation as the winner of the Best B2B Marketing Team award. In addition to the team award, StorageCraft Marketing Event Manager April MacKay was named a recipient of the chapter’s Rising Star award.

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Generalist or Specialist: Which IT Path is Right for You?

what type of IT person are you?

IT Professionals generally fall into two broad categories based on their career focus: generalists and specialists. These two categories actually carry far more differences than they may at first appear to do and moving between them can be extremely difficult once a career path has been embarked upon.

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One Guy’s Opinion: Break-fix vs. MSP Model

MSP vs break-fix

There are a number of IT providers still offering break-fix services as a VAR or in addition to monthly managed services. But according to StorageCraft partner Guy Baroan, that’s never a good move.

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Practical Microsoft Exchange Management, Part 1: Archiving & Deleting Email


There’s an obesity epidemic going on, and neither diet nor exercise will help. It’s your Microsoft Exchange server, bloated with years of emails, attachments, and other data that prevents it from running quickly and smoothly. Here are a couple of ways to start fixing it.

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Password Management Sucks But it Doesn’t Have To

password management

There are a lot of tips and tricks to managing a bevy of secure passwords for the dozens of sites we need to login to. Some are best avoided, some are downright stupid, and some will save you a lot of headaches. Let’s look at the pros and cons of a few different options.

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Everyday Disaster Preparedness: Simple Ways to Disaster-Proof Your Home and Business

everyday disaster preparedness

Once disaster strikes, there is very little time to prepare as you’re forced to react to the situation life abruptly dumped in your lap. That’s why it’s useful to think about the everyday things you can do to prepare.

StorageCraft unveils its Recover-Ability solution at IP Expo

CORK, Ireland — StorageCraft Technology, a leading data backup and disaster recovery solution provider, will exhibit at IP Expo Europe in London, 8-9 Oct. This will be the company’s first major international trade fair since the software vendor set up its new international headquarters in Cork, Ireland, at the end of 2013. StorageCraft will be

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Best Practices for P2V Migrations

physical to virtual

Now that we know virtualization is awesome and can help businesses save money, you might be thinking of migrating your physical machine to a virtual one. There are a few pretty simple ways to go about that.

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The Future of Microsoft


Microsoft new direction is something CEO Satya Nadella calls a “Mobile first, cloud first” strategy. Of course, that simple catch-phrase leaves a lot to the imagination, so we decided to take a look at what Microsoft might look like under Nadella’s leadership.

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MSPs: It’s Time to Fire Some Clients

firing clients

There’s one type of client that simply doesn’t pay out in the long run and will only drag you through the fiscal mud. It’s time to fire that client.

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ChannelPro SMB Forum attendees vote StorageCraft as Best Software Solution

DRAPER, Utah, — Sept. 18, 2014 — Backup and disaster recovery solution provider StorageCraft Technology Corporation received a ringing endorsement at the ChannelPro SMB Forum in Newton, Mass. Information technology (IT) solution providers, managed service providers and value added resellers in attendance chose StorageCraft as Best Software Solution on Sept. 9.

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Back to Business School: 5 Educational Resources For MSPs

MSP education resources

Now that school is officially back in session, we figured it would be fitting to put together a post on MSP education. After all, while many service providers are loaded with IT scholars, not all possess the business acumen needed to maximize their true potential.

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MSPs: Do You Need an RMM Solution, a PSA Solution—or Both?

using RMM or PSA

As your MSP business grows, you might find RMM or PSA tools are really helpful, but how do you know which to use and when?

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These Five IT Disasters Aren’t Going Away– They’re Trending

trending disasters

It’s still disaster preparedness month, so you’ve still got time to think about the various disasters that can affect your business. We’ve gone over things like testing your plan, but here are a few IT disasters that are really on the rise.

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Virtualization and Cloud Computing: A Surefire Match Made in IT Heaven

virtualization and cloud computing

Although they’ve sort of taken a backseat to big data as the most overused buzzwords, cloud computing and virtualization are still pretty buzzworthy in the IT space. Strangely, they continue to be two of the more contentious concepts despite their notoriety. This has a lot to do with the fact that they offer similar advantages and can usually be found tag teaming in today’s IT environments.

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Does Your Company Need Some Tech to Keep Organized?

organization tech

Organization is something humans strive to do, but often realize it can be just out of their grasp. These days that doesn’t always have to be the case.

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Practical Data Center Management: A Few Tips for A Cleaner, More Efficient Data Center


Here are some tips to keep your data center cleaner and more efficient.

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Disaster Preparedness Books You Need on Your Shelf

preparedness books

A lot of people are moving away from print in favor of digital collections, but there are always some books you’ll want around in case of emergencies, whether it’s a massive catastrophe or a power outage lasting a few days. Your life, and the lives of those around you, might depend on it.

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To Own or Outsource: The Data Center Dilemma Visited in Detail

data center dilemma

Some MSPs depend on third-party data centers and infrastructures provided through colocation services. Others operate out of their very own data centers. Does building and/or operating your own data center make sense?

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