Case Study: Xamin, Western Digital, and StorageCraft

Learn how MSP Xamin protects and secures data for financial institutions and medical practices using a slick combination of hardware from Western Digital and software from StorageCraft. More »

StorageCraft and VDI Space Case Study

Case Study: StorageCraft and VDI Space

Convincing customers to migrate their IT infrastructure to a completely cloud-based solution is a difficult sell, to say the least. The production disruption alone is enough to kill the sale. So how More »

Selling Disaster Recovery as a Service

Selling Disaster Recovery as a Service (New Profit-Ability Guide Ebook!)

If you’re not selling disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), you could be missing out on a lot: more revenue, happier clients, and a better night’s sleep. In our new Profit-Ability Guide More »


Case Study: StorageCraft and SolutionStart

StorageCraft partner Jimmy Georgiou, CEO and founder of SolutionStart Technologies, loves going to the dentist. That’s because his company specializes in technology solutions for dental offices. One reason for his company’s success More »

Syndeo Communications

CASE STUDY: StorageCraft and Syndeo Communications

Like most managed service providers, Andrew Hartman understands it’s not if a disaster is going to happen, but when. As the founder of Syndeo Communications, an IT consulting firm in the San More »

StorageCraft and the Hotel Industry

CASE STUDY: StorageCraft in the Hotel Industry

Learn how the IT admin of a very large hotel conglomerate takes care of backup and recovery for hundreds of servers. More »

Recovery Zone Digest

Sign Up for the Recovery Zone Digest

When it comes to disaster recovery, technology is only half the battle. As G. I. Joe taught us, knowing is the other half. Getting the knowledge you need to face off against More »

Legal Recover-Ability Guide

The Legal Industry v. Technology (New Recover-Ability Guide Ebook!)

The legal industry is a great untapped resource of revenue for many managed services providers. Certainly, there’s a lot to learn if you want to break into the business of providing service More »

CharTec, LLC

Case Study: StorageCraft Academy and CharTec

When your company mascot is a zebra with multi-colored stripes, it’s easy to guess how important it is for you to distinguish yourself from the rest of the herd. So when Ryan More »

Making IT Disaster Recovery Easy

Making IT Disaster Recovery Easy (Recover-Ability Guide for IT Admins)

Usually when you hear someone talking about fast disaster recovery, they’re talking about fancy new technologies that give you a leg up on your recovery. Sure, virtualization, image-based backup, and cloud computing can all contribute to More »

Advanced Backup Solutions

Case Study: StorageCraft and ABS

A s a StorageCraft® OEM partner, Advanced Backup Solutions (ABS) offers a best-of-breed business continuity solution that delivers enterprise-class data protection and disaster recovery to managed service providers (MSPs) who work with More »

Dodging Disaster: 5 Little Known Data Recovery Tools You Should Know

data recovery

No matter how you get there, watching your data meet its final destination is a tough movie to sit through. The information castle you worked so hard to build is now gone in an instant. On the bright side, like I often learn when facing seemingly inevitable defeat, you’re not necessarily totally our of luck.

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Who are the Most Prominent Hackers and What Motivates Them?

hackers and their motivation

Cyber attacks happen all the time, but who are some of the most prominent hackers around and why do they do it?

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Infographic: Email, Exchange, and the Burden of Backup

Email, Exchange, and backup

Email is essential. This infographic shows you how essential, and what you can do to protect email servers such as Exchange.

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The Eight Email Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Email Faux Pas

When email is something we use every day, it’s easy to miss some of the silly things we do that prevent us from using it as effectively as possible, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Skipping the basics like forgotten attachments, this list covers email usage crimes you might not even know you’re committing.

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Tools for Effective Remote Worker Management

effective remote worker management

One strategy companies of all sizes are using to retain employees and increase the pool of potential hires is to allow employees to work remotely. This strategy makes a lot of sense with the proliferation of high-speed internet, mobile, and remote tools that allow employers and employees to communicate and work together effectively.

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MSPs: Here are Six Primers for Writing Quick, Useful Blog Posts

writing your company blog

The biggest reason a lot of MSPs don’t update their blog frequently is because they just don’t have time. I think a lot of MSPs see it as a lengthy task, when actually, blog articles can be put together in a very short amount of time, especially when you’re armed with theses tips.

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Decoding the Most Misleading Myths and Misconceptions of Cloud Computing

cloud computing myths

I actually get a kick out of hearing non-tech savvy people try to make sense of it before I step in and “attempt” to break it down for them in Layman’s language. But even well-traveled tech geeks can easily fall victim to the mythology of the cloud.

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Case Study: Xamin, Western Digital, and StorageCraft


Learn how MSP Xamin protects and secures data for financial institutions and medical practices using a slick combination of hardware from Western Digital and software from StorageCraft.

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Is Anybody (Besides Your Family Members) Still Using Windows XP?  

considerations for migrating Win XP machines

One in eight businesses is still using Windows XP despite the “mountains” of warnings.

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StorageCraft releases backup, disaster recovery tool for use with VMware, Microsoft System Center

Plug-in free for users of award-winning ShadowProtect software DRAPER, Utah, —  Easier backup and disaster recovery of virtualized computer systems by IT administrators became a reality with today’s announced release of the StorageCraft® Plug-in for virtual environments. The new tool, which is free for users of the award-winning StorageCraft ShadowProtect® backup and disaster recovery software,

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10 Ways Mobile Devices Have Changed the World For Business, IT, and the Everyday Joe  

mobile changing the world

The mobile revolution is changing how we live from the social front to the business realm.

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Here’s Some Tech You May Not Have Heard About in 2014

tech you may not have heard about

Here are a few types of tech that you may have missed.

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So You Want To Learn To Code?

so you want to learn to code?

Kids are learning to code and even the President of the United States is getting in on the action, but what languages are they learning? What languages are in most demand? With so many new languages hitting the scene, it’s hard to keep track of them all.

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An Introduction to NAS Technology and How MSPs Can Sell Clients On Network Storage Devices

NAS storage

The explosive growth of data has challenged IT to come up with more effective ways to tame and manage their data as it continues to mount. As a managed service provider, you can lend a hand by guiding organizations in the direction of NAS.

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Cognitive Computing: What Can You Do With It? Two Satisfying Use Cases

Cognitive Computing 2

In my last post [link] I introduced you to cognitive computing, mostly via IBM’s Watson, which defeated two all-time Jeopardy! champions through its ability to take terabytes of random data and formulate the correct questions—along with its uncanny ability at wagering down to the last dollar.

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By the Numbers: The Cost of Data Loss on a Smaller Scale

the cost of losing a file

How much can it cost a business to lose a single file? An awful lot more than you might realize.

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Year-End Review: 5 Audits Every MSP Must Perform 

MSP year end audits

Managed service providers, for instance, are up to their necks conducting audits to make sure things continue to run smoothly moving forward. Following we take a look at what should be on an MSP’s list of year-end audits.

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When Do You Reasonably Need to Use Data Encryption?

which encryption to use

Encryption has been around for many years and comes in many forms. Should you be looking to encrypt every single device you own? What about your laptop or desktop PC? Does it make sense to encrypt your phone or server, and are there any trade-offs for that added security?

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5 Best Tech Releases of 2014

best tech of 2014

We pulled together some of the best of the best from this year as reported by various media. Here’s a look.

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Backing Up Yesterday to Save Us Tomorrow

backing up yesterday to save us tomorrow

If you make mistakes as you set up an initial backup job, you might not get to the part that matters: the recovery. Here’s what you can do to recover every time.

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Report: Data Protection and Disaster Recovery for the SMB

data protection for SMBs

In this report, you’ll learn everything you need to know about SMB data protection, from a brief history of disaster recovery, all the way to more advanced topics such as essentials for an effective disaster recovery plan, how to use the cloud for recovery, and how virtualization enables businesses to reduce the cost of downtime more than ever before. Read the summary below, or download the full report by clicking “Download” below.

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Top 7 Worst Data Disasters of 2014

data disasters 2014

There are some disturbing trends on the IT security front. According to IDTheftCenter.org, which gets updated daily, 2014 is on pace to surpass 2013 in total number of reported data breaches, possibly by a significant margin. Here’s a look at some of the absolute worst data disasters of the year and how they contributed.

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What Is Cognitive Computing?

Cognitive computing

A lot of money is being invested in cognitive computing, but what is it and what does it mean for the industry?

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Can Mirroring Replace Backups In Your Disaster Recovery Strategy?

mirroring backups and disaster recovery

While mirroring offers an effective way keep your databases and websites online, viewing it as the end-all solution to keeping your data safe is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

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Is the Market Ready for ARM Servers?

HP Moonshot featuring ARM

What happens when the Prius of processors comes along and decides that, instead of going head-to-head with Intel and AMD, they focus on delivering features that are not generally associated with the competition: A specialized chip that’s low in cost and sips power. That’s the hand ARM intends to play, and it just might be a winner.

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