ShadowProtect Wins PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Award

ShadowProtect Wins PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Award

July 7

There’s a reason we keep telling you that ShadowProtect is award-winning backup, disaster recovery and system migration software. The coveted PC Magazine Editors’ Choice award is the latest accolade and we’re proud to accept it! Once again ShadowProtect Desktop 4.0 is the backup software winner. The full article highlights new features, like VirtualBootâ„¢, as well as the tried and tested features that make ShadowProtect such a consistenly reliable way to backup your desktop or laptop.

For years, StorageCraft’s ShadowProtect Desktop has been PC Magazine Editors’ Choice for drive imaging, and version 4.0 upholds the tradition. ShadowProtect Desktop 4.0 features unchanged core features as well as new features that make it easier and faster to get your system up and running from a backup even after a complete hardware breakdown makes your original hardware unusable.

You can check out Edward Mendelson’s complete review at pcmag.com, which starts with a reminder about the importance of backing up your PC. 40MainScreenServerHave you heard that somewhere before?

In addition, there’s a slide show that will take you through some of the product screen shots. It shows several of products wizards and explains how the software works. It’s definitely worth a look.