SSG-NOW reports on StorageCraft Cloud Services

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StorageCraft Cloud Services is garnering a lot of attention since its launch to US and Canadian managed service providers (MSPs) last week.  Notably, Storage Strategies NOW (SSG-NOW), an analyst group focused on storage, has found the solution to be comprehensive and a good fit for MSPs servicing clients in the small to medium business (SMB) space.

Founded by the distinguished storage observer Deni Connor in 2007, SSG-NOW called StorageCraft Cloud Services “innovative” and “attractively priced” in a recent solution snapshot report. Described as making good use of products and partnerships already in place, SSG-NOW discerned that the solution “maintains the company’s strong involvement with the channel in offering Cloud Services to its Managed Service Provider Partner Program members network first and is attractively priced and easy-to consume for SMBs.”

We couldn’t agree more.  Making sure the solution is easy for MSPs servicing SMBs to implement was paramount for StorageCraft.  By ensuring our partners use the same StorageCraft software elements to manage StorageCraft Cloud backup images as they use to manage local backup images, we’ve made adoption of StorageCraft Cloud Services easy.

Partner fit was not the only compelling feature identified by SSGNow in their recent report.  Also paramount to StorageCraft was providing all the tools partners need to quickly recover from a disaster.  SSG-NOW took note of the flexibility the solution enables with its three service levels ranging from simple archiving to full virtualization of backup images. Additionally, MSP partners in the US have the option to mirror cloud backup images in a second data center.

For a thorough overview of StorageCraft Cloud Services, read the SSGNow report today.

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Nisha Burke

Nisha Burke

Nisha Burke is a Product Marketing Manager for StorageCraft. She’s a long-time student of the art of technology communications and actively experiments with new marketing tactics each passing day. When she’s not collaborating with others on marketing initiatives, Nisha can be found playing in the mountains of Utah where she skis, camps, hikes and plays more disc golf than she’s willing to admit.

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