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Why You Need a Data Breach Response Plan and How to Make One

why you need a data breach response plan

With any luck, you might never need to use your response plan at all, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need one.

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What IT Risks are You Overlooking?

what IT Risks are you overlooking?

There’s a lot to consider when you are talking about safety and security: Failures, heat, human error, power, etc., but what are some things that are commonly overlooked?

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Is Homomorphic Encryption the Future of Enterprise Data Security?

homomorphic cloud encryption

Encryption has been fairly effective at keeping hackers out and providing a peace of mind for the people and organizations who adopt it. To eliminate the hassle associated with the decryption process, IBM has invested in homomorphic encryption, a cutting edge cryptography concept that could have revolutionary implications.

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Top 2 Best Practices for Employee Monitoring

employee monitoring

In many places, it’s completely legal to monitor employees, but that doesn’t mean you should do it with out thinking about a few things.

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3 Preventive Security Actions That Don’t Require Employee Monitoring

ensuring security without employee monitoring

Rather than monitoring employees, you’re much better off using layered security solutions to prevent such vulnerabilities as malware, loss of IP (Intellectual Property) and other confidential information, and possible litigation resulting from illegal activity or non-compliance.

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Cyber Insurance: What Is It and Do You Need It For Your Business?

cyber insurance

Cyber insurance is an outside-the-box concept that can help better manage the risks, and the huge financial losses that follow.

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If Corporations Won’t Protect Consumer Privacy Can MSPs?

corporations and privacy

Corporations collect personal data for many reasons, but MSPs don’t have to sit idly by while consumer privacy dissolves.

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Global Data Breaches and a Look at Cyber Crime by Country

world of cyber crime

You’ve probably read about China’s hacking and cyber-crime tendencies, but there are specialized attacks coming from countries across the world. Here’s who is doing what.

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Do You Need Risk-Based Authentication? (RBA)

risk-based authentication

RBA takes various factors into account such as a user’s location, login time, device, and IP address to determine a risk score. If the risk score is too high, access to the network will be denied. If you’re worried about security, it might be time to implement RBA.

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Network Virtualization: Security Benefits, Risks and Best Practices 

virtualization and security

If network intrusion and data breaches are topics that keep you up at night, security may be the fuel behind your virtualization aspirations.

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Somebody is Watching You: Understanding and Keeping your Privacy

information security

We spoke with some experts in the information security field about what companies are doing– or should be doing– to keep data completely secure.

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Encryption in Messaging Apps: How Secure Are Your Communications?

encrypted messaging apps

Anti-virus software and firewalls are common security technologies we’ve been taught to prioritize. Encryption deserves the same respect.

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Password Management Sucks But it Doesn’t Have To

password management

There are a lot of tips and tricks to managing a bevy of secure passwords for the dozens of sites we need to login to. Some are best avoided, some are downright stupid, and some will save you a lot of headaches. Let’s look at the pros and cons of a few different options.

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3 Tips for Responding to a Data Breach

how to respond to data breach

Unfortunately, no data protection plan is 100% foolproof, and that’s why you need to know exactly how to respond to a data breach if it happens to your business.

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2 Key Challenges To Fighting ‘Dark Nets’ and Onion Networks

dark nets and onion routing

My last post gave an overview of the problems law enforcement agencies face in investigating and apprehending criminals as the latter increasingly make use of encrypted communications and so-called “Dark Nets.” A great deal of tension exists between law enforcement’s need to solve crimes and the legitimate worry of citizens losing civil liberties in the process.

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An In-Depth Look at Managed Physical Security and Opportunities for MSPs

managed security

The idea of managed security is nothing new, but has traditionally been focused more on cyber threats. Now both customers and MSPs are starting to realize the value of managing security on the physical side of the fence.

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Video Surveillance Technology for MSPs: Key Selling Points and Considerations

surveillance and MSPs

Managed service providers looking for lucrative products or services to add their portfolio may need to look no further than video surveillance.

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The Other Side of Security and Privacy

cyber security and law enforcement

Privacy and security have been ongoing concerns here on the Recovery Zone, but for the most part we’ve discussed ways to protect you and your data. We haven’t yet touched on the reality of how advances in technologies and best practices are aiding criminals in hiding their illegal actions from law enforcement agencies.

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Quick Guide to Securing Your Smartphone from Theft and More

securing your smartphone

Today, most of us still carry wallets or purses around, but the most private information is often found on our phones. Losing a wallet usually pales in comparison to the damage a thief can do with the information stored on your phone.

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How to Keep USB Drives from Being Your Nightmare

USB drive

There is certainly nothing about the thumbdrive that gives off the impression that it could be used for nefarious reasons, but that’s exactly what is happening.

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Kicking the Java Habit: Are You Ready to Give It Up?

kicking the Java habit

Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It’s used in countless web browser, mobile devices, televisions, and even automobiles. Yeah, Java is just about everywhere these days, but unfortunately, that widespread usage has garnered the attention of cybercriminal nation.

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How do DDoS Attacks Affect Business Continuity Planning?

magic, business continuity and DDoS

Business continuity involves preparing for and responding to any issues that could affect your ability to do business. But has your business taken DDoS attacks into consideration?

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A Few Lessons about Using AWS and Other Cloud Providers

Amazon Web Services

What sort of measures are in place from Amazon or other hosting companies to prevent hackers or cyber-criminals from getting full access to your systems?

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Creating a DDoS Action Plan, Part 2: Incident Response

cyber security and DDoS response

In last week’s post, I went over some useful measures for preventing DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. Because no prevention plan is 100% effective, you need to put responsive measures in place to make your DDoS action plan as close to being foolproof as possible. Let’s dive in.

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5 Common Encryption Algorithms and the Unbreakables of the Future

common encryption algorithms

Encryption comes in many forms and it’s essential. There are the most common encryption standards, but what does the future hold?

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