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How to Keep USB Drives from Being Your Nightmare

USB drive

There is certainly nothing about the thumbdrive that gives off the impression that it could be used for nefarious reasons, but that’s exactly what is happening.

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Kicking the Java Habit: Are You Ready to Give It Up?

kicking the Java habit

Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It’s used in countless web browser, mobile devices, televisions, and even automobiles. Yeah, Java is just about everywhere these days, but unfortunately, that widespread usage has garnered the attention of cybercriminal nation.

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How do DDoS Attacks Affect Business Continuity Planning?

magic, business continuity and DDoS

Business continuity involves preparing for and responding to any issues that could affect your ability to do business. But has your business taken DDoS attacks into consideration?

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A Few Lessons about Using AWS and Other Cloud Providers

Amazon Web Services

What sort of measures are in place from Amazon or other hosting companies to prevent hackers or cyber-criminals from getting full access to your systems?

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Creating a DDoS Action Plan, Part 2: Incident Response

cyber security and DDoS response

In last week’s post, I went over some useful measures for preventing DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. Because no prevention plan is 100% effective, you need to put responsive measures in place to make your DDoS action plan as close to being foolproof as possible. Let’s dive in.

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5 Common Encryption Algorithms and the Unbreakables of the Future

common encryption algorithms

Encryption comes in many forms and it’s essential. There are the most common encryption standards, but what does the future hold?

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One Guy’s Opinion: Managing the Real Risks of the Cloud   

the real cloud dangers

You can’t go “all in” on the cloud unless you take some local measures first. Here’s MSP Guy Baroan’s advice for harnessing the cloud’s full power, without putting your business or clients at risk.

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5 of the Most Effective Online Scams (And What’s Being Done About Them)

most effective cyber scams

According to AntiFraudNews, 289,874 internet fraud complaints were made to the Internet Crime Complaint Center in 2012 alone. Here are the five most effective ways cyber criminals are fooling computer users.

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Creating Your DDoS Action Plan, Part 1: 3 Preventive Measures

preventing DDoS attacks

When it comes to DDoS attacks, you want to address the problem in two parts: prevention and response. This post will focus on some preventive measures you can take.

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Cloud Backups Might be Your Best Defense Against Ransomware

defending against ransomware with cloud backups

Ransomware isn’t just a trending thing—it’s becoming a serious criminal enterprise. Luckily, secondary cloud backups with StorageCraft can protect from some pretty nefarious goings on.

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Resilient Monkey Business in the Cloud: Netflix and the Mighty Simian Army  

Netflix's Simian Army

Netflix recently slapped the open source label on Security Monkey, the piece of technology that helps them monitor their cloud environments for security threats. But that’s just one monkey in their “Simian Army.”

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6 Cyber Security Myths Dissected and Busted

cyber security myths

There are countless myths surrounding the cyber security conundrum, and the ability to separate fact from fiction could play a vital role in protecting your organization.

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Your Biggest Security Threats are Convenience and Ignorance

security threats: convenience and ignorance

One can speculate as to why human error is a key piece of so many security breaches, but the fact is that these errors are likely the result of one (or both) of two things: a need for convenience, or simple ignorance.

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5 Must-Have Mobile Security Features For MSPs

mobile security features for MSPs

Sure. You’ve got your little PIN code to prevent unauthorized access to your phone, but the increase in sophisticated mobile security threats makes the thought of hording confidential data in this environment an unsettling one.

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Home Sweet Automated Home: A Look at Home Automation Tech

Internet of things

Home automation devices are really neat, though they do have some security risks and other considerations. Let’s take a look at tech changing our homes for the better.

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There are Some Big Security Problems with How You Communicate Everyday

email and text security

As people know in the IT industry, good information security is a combination of good security protocol and judicious practices. The trouble is that so many people are ignorant of basic cyber-security concepts.

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Evernote, Feedly, and 5 Lessons From Recent DDoS Attacks

evernote and DDoS

By recruiting an army of enslaved “zombie” computers, a distributed denial of service attack can easily bring a website, app, server, or entire network to its knees with a flood of traffic requests. Its effectiveness is alarming and judging from all the recent activity, occurrences are on the rise.

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How Can You Take Your Privacy Back?

protecting your privacy

Edward Snowden definitely set off a wave of discussion about privacy. and many people are not waiting for legislators to figure out. Instead, they’re taking matters into their own hands.

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The Rise of Ransomware

the rise of ransomware

It’s popping up on desktops, laptops, and now even on Android and iOS-based phones. Anyway you look at it, ransomware is on the rise.

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Bring Your Own Network: The Next BYOD?


Bring your own network and BYOD go hand-in-hand. Let’s explore what this means for businesses still struggling to hop on the BYOD bandwagon.

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Public Utilities Have a Serious Windows XP Problem

public utilities and Win XP

Public utilities still have a serious Windows XP problem that isn’t being addressed.

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Reduce the Risk of CryptoLocker Without Using Antivirus


While there are, of course, cases in which CryptoLocker can’t be removed, there are certain best practices for defending against it and there are ways to remove some types of ransomware before it really affects the system it’s on.

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One Guy’s Opinion: How MSPs Can Keep Medical Practices Secure

Defibrillator Monitor

Medical equipment is designed to help people, but according to a recent article in Wired, many pieces of equipment commonly used by medical practices are extremely easy for hackers to access. We asked our MSP partner Guy Baroan what he does to keep this type of equipment secure.

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Securing Non-Traditional Computing Environments– Or… Not

security and non-traditional computing environments

Many non-traditional computing environments (ATMs, even nuclear missile systems) rely on older technology. What are the associated security concerns?

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Is Antivirus Dead?

anti-virus death

Is good old-fashioned antivirus software going the way of CD-ROMs and Windows XP? Recent news reports suggest this. An executive at one major security vendor called antivirus “dead,” adding his company no longer sees it “as a moneymaker in any way.”…

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