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MSPs: 3 Tips for Becoming an EHR Hero

EHR for MSPs

You’ll need to be more than a garden-variety MSP to succeed when it comes to electronic health records. Here are some tips for MSPs hoping to be the best at servicing the needs of the healthcare industry.

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Infographic: Slaying the Downtime Dragon

downtime slayer

Take a look at our new infographic, “Slaying the Downtime Dragon,” to find out how you can better protect your business from the evil downtime creature.

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Six Ways MSPs Can Empower Clients Through Education

MSPs: how to educate your clients

MSPs likely have clients of varying technical capabilities, and some will always need more help than others, but that’s not to say you can’t teach them things so they don’t need to lean on you when it comes to the small stuff.

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Top 6 Challenges to the IT channel


Whether it’s a reseller, managed service provider, original equipment manufacturer or distribution partner, there are many things affecting the channel today. These are the biggest challenges.

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Should Managed Service Providers Lease or Buy Computer Hardware?

hardware lease

Businesses of all sizes have to make crucial decisions. For a managed service provider, deciding how to procure your IT equipment is up there with the toughest of them. Without the most basic of hardware, capitalizing on remote monitoring, IT security, and all the services you want to provide is just not a reality. While buying what you need is ideal, leasing is becoming a viable alternative MSPs can’t help but consider.

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Windows XP End of Support: Last-minute Measures to Keep Your Systems Safe

Windows 8 or 7?

Today is the day. Windows XP support is gone (except for a few exceptions). As we all know, XP isn’t going anywhere. Here are some tips to keep your systems safe even without Microsoft support.

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Who’s Really an MSP and How to Look Like One

how MSPs stand out

A lot of businesses aren’t actually sure what managed services consist of. For MSPs, it’s essential to let other businesses know what you’ve really got to offer. Here’s how to spell it out for them.

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StorageCraft exhibiting at Microsoft Exchange Conference

DRAPER, Utah, — The StorageCraft Technology Corporation road show wraps up March and ushers in April at the Microsoft Exchange Conference in Austin, Texas. From March 31 to April 2.

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Thinking Differently: Why Thinking Outside the Box is for Squares

innovation and thinking differently

Innovation can make you seem like a crazy person, but that isn’t to say your wild ideas can’t be wildly effective.

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5 Ways MSPs Can Future-Proof Their Business and Remain Profitable

money pile

The market for MSPs may be in excellent shape, but where will you be five to ten years from now? With a plan to future-proof their business in place, MSPs can make sure they’re still growing and pulling down profits.

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Getting Word Out: How Social Media Aids Disaster Communication

social media and disaster communication

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are already a go-to source for people who want quick information from outlets such as government officials and news outlets, but it can also be a great way to communicate quickly with a large number of people following a disaster scenario. Let’s look at a few examples.

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5 “Manageable” Innovations in Law Enforcement Technology

technology in law enforcement

New innovations are blazing interesting new trails in the area of law enforcement, and as we know by now, where’s there’s technology, there’s opportunity for MSPs.

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MSPs: Increase Your Profitability & Business Skills With Peer Groups

MSPs make money with peer groups

MSP owners: are you satisfied with the growth and profitability of your business? An MSP “peer group” may be just what you need.

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What All Businesses Can Get at The Barbershop (Hint: It’s More Than a Haircut)

what any business can learn from the local barbershop

Barbershops have some tricks and traits that businesses of all types can learn a lot from. Let’s take a few pages out of the barber’s book of business.

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How Do You Balance Risk and Finance?

finance and risk

Most decisions companies make have aspects of both finance and risk, making it imperative to a company’s next move to have chief risk officers and chief finance offers as close to perfect harmony as can be.

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Five Reasons to Switch to StorageCraft Today


Partnering with StorageCraft has a variety of benefits outside of quality software solutions. Let’s look at five ways we can help IT providers make money, build strong businesses, and whomp their competitors.

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MSPs: Two Good Reasons To Blog (They’re Not What You Think)

blogging for MSPs

There are dozens of great reasons why your MSP business might want to blog. Here are just a few of them.

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Service Providers for IT Managed Service Providers: Do You Need One?


Being the saviors of IT, managed service providers can easily become overwhelmed themselves and run short of the resources needed to support their own business operations. How can a service provider help your MSP business?

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Webinar: Simplified Disaster Recovery: How to Create a Great Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery

Let Steven Snyder walk you through the easiest way to create a rock-solid disaster recovery plan in this webinar. Note: this is a recorded webinar. Interactive features and giveaways will not be available.

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MSPs: Start Sharing Content To Gain Customer Trust

content sharing and trust

When you share useful, relevant, even fun content with customers, leads, and peers, you become part of the conversation and begin to be seen as a trusted source for information.

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Are Tech-Savvier Employees Less Secure?

tech-savvy employees and passwords

Ever get so comfortable doing something that you end up cutting corners? That’s what Mike Kane says is happening to your tech-savvier employees when they are accessing cloud applications.

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Eight Gadgets That Will Make You a Lazy, Technology-Charged Superhero

technology-charged superheros

By the time you’re done reading this, your life will be easier than you could ever imagine, you’ll literally (literally as in literally) have superpowers, and you’ll be free to do whatever your heart desires.

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MSPs: Get Into the ‘Reference Selling’ Habit

How MSPs can reference sell

MSPs, says StorageCraft’s Bret Dayley, are too shy. But “reference selling,” Bret’s term for leveraging current satisfied customers to land new ones, is fairly easy, provided you have the mindset to do it.

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Three Ways MSPs Can Support Mobile and Deal with the Bandwidth Crunch

supporting mobile

We’ve talked a lot about data and how it’s growing at exponential degrees and there are huge chunks of it coming from the mobile sphere. Let’s look at how to deal with this bandwidth crunch.

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Five Ways Not to Plan for Data Disaster

how not to prepare for disaster

There’s a lot you should do to plan for data disaster and other types of issues, but there’s also a lot you should not do. Let’s look at what you shouldn’t do if you’re hoping to keep an organization from feeling the sting of data disasters large or small.

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