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Consequences of the Dreaded Growth Curse and How MSPs Can Avoid It

the growth curse

With numbers showing an annual growth rate of nearly 18 percent, managed service providers are in an industry where rapidly firing out of the gates is not unheard of. While fast growth appears to be all upside, there can be both positives and negatives when things take off too quickly.

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Is Hybrid Hosting a Fit for Your Service Offering?

is hybrid hosting right for you?

Hybrid hosting is one way companies are keeping data more secure, but is it something that fits in with your managed service offering?

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StorageCraft Technology to exhibit at VMworld Europe

CORK, Ireland, — StorageCraft® Technology, a leader in backup and disaster recovery solutions for virtual, hybrid and physical environments, will be exhibiting at VMworld Europe 2014 in Barcelona, Spain.

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Hiring the Perfect IT Admin

IT administrators

If you are considering hiring an IT or network administrator, this week column is right up your alley.

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How to Improve Your Web Presence with WordPress & Drupal

word press or drupal

a lot of MSP businesses have websites, but is it time for a revamp? If so, Drupal and WordPress might be viable options. Let’s look at what they each have to offer.

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Is Video Conferencing a Cost Effective Service Offering For MSPs?

video conferencing

Set up just right, video conferencing can improve communication, reduce travel costs, increase productivity, and give organizations a sizeable edge over the competition. There’s a lot on the table, but due to the complexities associated with taming this beast at the heart, some businesses are hesitant to dive into the adoption pool. Enter managed services.

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Generalist or Specialist: Which IT Path is Right for You?

what type of IT person are you?

IT Professionals generally fall into two broad categories based on their career focus: generalists and specialists. These two categories actually carry far more differences than they may at first appear to do and moving between them can be extremely difficult once a career path has been embarked upon.

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One Guy’s Opinion: Break-fix vs. MSP Model

MSP vs break-fix

There are a number of IT providers still offering break-fix services as a VAR or in addition to monthly managed services. But according to StorageCraft partner Guy Baroan, that’s never a good move.

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MSPs: It’s Time to Fire Some Clients

firing clients

There’s one type of client that simply doesn’t pay out in the long run and will only drag you through the fiscal mud. It’s time to fire that client.

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Back to Business School: 5 Educational Resources For MSPs

MSP education resources

Now that school is officially back in session, we figured it would be fitting to put together a post on MSP education. After all, while many service providers are loaded with IT scholars, not all possess the business acumen needed to maximize their true potential.

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To Own or Outsource: The Data Center Dilemma Visited in Detail

data center dilemma

Some MSPs depend on third-party data centers and infrastructures provided through colocation services. Others operate out of their very own data centers. Does building and/or operating your own data center make sense?

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An In-Depth Look at Managed Physical Security and Opportunities for MSPs

managed security

The idea of managed security is nothing new, but has traditionally been focused more on cyber threats. Now both customers and MSPs are starting to realize the value of managing security on the physical side of the fence.

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Four Essentials for the Ideal MSP Backup Solution

hard drive platter

“Easier said than done, but I’ll make it happen,” says the MSP. However, of all the IT hats you are asked to wear, the one that involves backing up your customers’ critical digital assets is arguably the most important.

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StorageCraft’s Lee wins HTG’s Spirit Award

DRAPER, Utah, — StorageCraft® Technology Corporation’s Aaron Lee is the 2014 recipient of The Spirit Award from HTG Peer Groups, an international organization of information technology  (IT) solution provider executives focused on business and personal development. Lee, who is the channel marketing manager at StorageCraft, received the award because he is an HTG member who

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MSPs: What’s Your Vertical Industry Focus?

MSPs and vertical industries

A lot of businesses get so caught up in the idea of having a lot of clients that they forget to think about what types of clients they’d like to have, and perhaps more importantly, what types of clients they should specialize in working with.

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Do It Yourself or Hire an IT Professional?

when to hire an IT pro

Sometimes it’s difficult for owners to know when they’ve reached the tipping point – when hiring a professional is better for business than DIY.

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One Guy’s Opinion: How Choosing the Right Products and Services Can Help MSPs Make a Buck

how MSPs pick the right products and services to offer

This time on One Guy’s Opinion, we asked Guy to share his formulas for success when it comes to selecting the products and services that fit a client’s needs and also allow him to make a profit.

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Three Tips for Virtualization Newbies

tips for virtualization newbies

Virtualization is a great way to save costs and manage hardware resources. If you’re not already virtual, here are some things to think about while getting started.

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StorageCraft extends special backup, disaster recovery offer for Zenith Infotech customers

DRAPER, Utah – July 2, 2014 – Zenith Infotech customers with StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® licenses have one more month to capitalize on a special offer that will allow them to lock up long-term use of the award-winning software. StorageCraft Technology Corporation today announced the special offer will now end on July 31.

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Which MSP Services Are Most Profitable?

profitible MSP services

StorageCraft recently spoke with MSP and partner Guy Baroan about his approach to MSP service offerings. One question we had for him—and one that other MSPs might have—is this: which services or solutions are most profitable?

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MSPs: Here’s How to Break Bad News to Your Customers

delivering bad news

With a little help from Forbes and Mind Tools, let’s look at the best way to inform clients of changes they might not be so happy about.

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MSPs: Are You Ready To Say Goodbye To Break-Fix?


Despite the clear advantages, some IT businesses are hesitant to stop doing work under the break-fix model. This article might set them straight.

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StorageCraft offers free data backup, disaster recovery software to businesses impacted by tornadoes, flooding in South, Midwest

DRAPER, Utah – Businesses and non-profit organizations in areas of the Southern and Midwestern United States that were affected by this week’s destructive tornadoes and floods are being offered a free three-day version of backup and disaster recovery software from StorageCraft Technology Corporation.

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MSPs: Don’t Know What Your Customers Want? Here’s How to Ask Them

MSPs: how to find out what clients want

I know a lot of businesses that, while quite successful, still don’t know exactly what their customers want or exactly what they need. Learning what clients are after is a good way for any business to increase revenue and build better client relationships.

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StorageCraft unveils new MSP Portal


DRAPER, Utah – April 30, 2014 – Life just got even easier for solution providers who partner with StorageCraft® Technology Corporation as the company today announced the rollout of a new tool for its managed service provider (MSP) partners.

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