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4 Tools to Document Your Network

tools for documentation

As StorageCraft noted in their ebook Making Disaster Recovery Easy, documentation is key for a solid backup and disaster recovery plan, which is why I want to take a look at a number of products that can assist MSPs in documenting the networks they manage.

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Five Things MSPs Aren’t Doing (But Should Be)

MSP business

Given the nature of business, it can be tough to find time for certain tasks, but there are a number of things an MSP business can do to make life easier.

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Can MSPs Make Money with Managed Hosting?

MSPs and web hosting

Web hosting becomes extremely attractive when packaged as a managed service. MSPs can offer these white-glove services on a small or large scale and make hosting a top selling item in their portfolio.

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MSPs: 3 Tips to Help Your Retail Customers Stay PCI DSS Compliant

credit card compliance

If you have clients in the retail industry, you can help them keep customer data safe by following credit card compliance standards. Here are a few tips.

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Top 5 Real Estate Technology Trends for MSPs to Watch in 2015  

real estate tech

Just like most other sectors today, this market is currently in the midst of a technological transformation. Understanding some of these trends is useful for any MSP hoping to help out real estate firms with their fast-paced businesses.

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Upgrading Your Site or App? It Might be Time to Hire a Freelancer

website update

Revamping a website, looking for a way to offer more services or creating your own app could cause you or your clients to seek some outside help.

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Where Are Businesses Spending Their IT budgets in 2015?

IT spending 2015

Some new research by IT networking firm Spiceworks gives us an idea how much service providers are allocating to their IT projects and identifies exactly where they’re dumping those dollars.

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Top 9 Fears Every MSP Has to Overcome

top 9 MSP fears

From making money to staying relevant and keeping customers happy, managed service providers have plenty to keep them up at night. We’re all worry warts at heart, but the key is tackling our fears head on and owning them.

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How to Build Client Trust: 8 Fundamentals for MSPs

MSP guide to building trust

It’s simple. Strong relationships foster trust and trust breeds loyalty. These are key objectives every business strives for. This guide will introduce MSPs to the fundamentals of building trust with customers and sustaining it for the long haul.

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How to Move Your Business and Not Miss a Beat Part Two: Packing Up Your IT Infrastructure

moving your IT infrastructure

In part one, we examined the core fundamentals of a proper relocation project. But for MSPs and other firms that sell IT services, some of the most pressing challenges associated with moving are related to IT itself.

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How to Move Your Business and Not Miss a Beat Part One: Drawing up Plans

moving business

Whether the move is triggered by rising real estate costs, easier access to better talent, or growth opportunities, there is a lot to consider when moving your business.

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What Can Businesses (Particularly MSPs) Learn from This Year’s CES?

Business and CES

CES might be over, but the tech there will continue trending and with its rise comes opportunities for managed service providers.

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What Do I Do Now? Preparing for Network Design Change


Whether your IT network needs a refresh or your current set up isn’t configured in an ideal fashion, here are some things to consider when redesigning your (or your client’s) network.

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Our Best IT Disaster Articles from 2014

IT disasters 2014

From stopping DDoS attacks all the way to responding to data breac, these are our best articles of 2014 about IT disaster.

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MSPs: Here’s the Best Advice We Had for You in 2014

MSP advice 2014

With the New Year in mind, we’d like to take a look back at our year in articles and highlight some of our favorite pieces we’ve published for MSPs on the Recovery Zone this year.

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MSPs: Here are Six Primers for Writing Quick, Useful Blog Posts

writing your company blog

The biggest reason a lot of MSPs don’t update their blog frequently is because they just don’t have time. I think a lot of MSPs see it as a lengthy task, when actually, blog articles can be put together in a very short amount of time, especially when you’re armed with theses tips.

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Year-End Review: 5 Audits Every MSP Must Perform 

MSP year end audits

Managed service providers, for instance, are up to their necks conducting audits to make sure things continue to run smoothly moving forward. Following we take a look at what should be on an MSP’s list of year-end audits.

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Top 7 IT Trends to Watch in 2015 and Beyond!

tech trends

IT research firm Gartner recently revealed its top 10 list of tech trends with the most potential to drive digital business through next year. We’ll look at a few of those and a few of our own.

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Consequences of the Dreaded Growth Curse and How MSPs Can Avoid It

the growth curse

With numbers showing an annual growth rate of nearly 18 percent, managed service providers are in an industry where rapidly firing out of the gates is not unheard of. While fast growth appears to be all upside, there can be both positives and negatives when things take off too quickly.

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Is Hybrid Hosting a Fit for Your Service Offering?

is hybrid hosting right for you?

Hybrid hosting is one way companies are keeping data more secure, but is it something that fits in with your managed service offering?

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StorageCraft Technology to exhibit at VMworld Europe

CORK, Ireland, — StorageCraft® Technology, a leader in backup and disaster recovery solutions for virtual, hybrid and physical environments, will be exhibiting at VMworld Europe 2014 in Barcelona, Spain.

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Hiring the Perfect IT Admin

IT administrators

If you are considering hiring an IT or network administrator, this week column is right up your alley.

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How to Improve Your Web Presence with WordPress & Drupal

word press or drupal

a lot of MSP businesses have websites, but is it time for a revamp? If so, Drupal and WordPress might be viable options. Let’s look at what they each have to offer.

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Is Video Conferencing a Cost Effective Service Offering For MSPs?

video conferencing

Set up just right, video conferencing can improve communication, reduce travel costs, increase productivity, and give organizations a sizeable edge over the competition. There’s a lot on the table, but due to the complexities associated with taming this beast at the heart, some businesses are hesitant to dive into the adoption pool. Enter managed services.

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Generalist or Specialist: Which IT Path is Right for You?

what type of IT person are you?

IT Professionals generally fall into two broad categories based on their career focus: generalists and specialists. These two categories actually carry far more differences than they may at first appear to do and moving between them can be extremely difficult once a career path has been embarked upon.

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