Upgrade StorageCraft IT Edition Version 4.x to Version 5.1

Upgrade StorageCraft IT Edition Version 4.x to Version 5.1

August 27

StorageCraft recently released version 5.1.0 of its award-winning ShadowProtect IT Edition software for backup and recovery.  This new release supports the latest Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 operating systems as well as newer hardware platforms like UEFI and GPT.  If you currently have a licensed copy of ShadowProtect IT Edition 4.x you can upgrade to the new version and take advantage of these features today.  If you are currently using ShadowProtect IT Edition 5.x you already have these features, and it is not necessary to upgrade to version 5.1 at this time.

First you will need to locate your StorageCraft IT Edition license.  This was included in the IT Edition materials you received and it is the same key you used to activate your IT Edition software.  Follow this link to the StorageCraft website where you can enter your key and download the StorageCraft Recovery Environment Builder application.  You will use this application to upgrade your key to the latest ShadowProtect IT Edition software.

After you download and install the Recovery Environment Builder the first time you run this application you may be prompted to install the .NET 3.5 infrastructure if it does not already exist on your system.  You will also be prompted to download and install the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) which contains the Windows 8 Preinstallation Environment (PE).  This Windows ADK download requires the Deployment Tools, so save some time and only select this feature for a smaller download.  Microsoft does not allow redistribution of the Windows 8 PE by third parties at this time so the Windows ADK is a required download for building a StorageCraft WinPE Recovery Environment.

The new StorageCraft Recovery Environment Builder has made it even easier to upgrade your existing StorageCraft ShadowProtect IT Edition flash drives.  Running the Recovery Environment Builder will create an ISO and provide you with a tool to burn this ISO to a CD/DVD or USB flash drive.  If you build the ISO using the option “IT Edition” you can then select your USB drive as the target destination to automatically upgrade your ShadowProtect IT Edition USB flash drive.  The Recovery Environment Builder software will automatically check your existing IT Edition USB flash drive for licensing and then proceed upgrade the application code, included documentation and driver libraries to version 5.1.

It may be important to note that upgrading your existing ShadowProtect IT Edition flash drives to version 5.1.0 from a previous version will result in a bootable IT Edition flash drive based on the Windows PE environment.  On the other hand, if you are purchasing a new ShadowProtect IT Edition flash drive from our online store this USB flash drive will contain a bootable IT Edition based on our Recovery Environment – CrossPlatform (using Linux).  The newly purchased flash drives will also contain a second partition which includes the ShadowProtect IT Edition software which can be run from an existing Windows system.