Video: Failover in the Cloud with Cloud Services

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There are a lot of reasons to put data in the cloud, such as easy accessibility, lower storage costs, and so forth, but no use of cloud computing quite matches that of disaster recovery in the cloud. By keeping your backup images safe in the cloud, you maintain flexibility while also guaranteeing speed when it comes time to recover.

With StorageCraft Cloud Services, you can launch virtual backup images from the cloud in a number of minutes. Time is of the essence and having backup data in the cloud gives you full access from anywhere and allows you to start the recovery process immediately. StorageCraft ShadowProtect is perfect for local backups and StorageCraft Cloud Services is perfect for easily accessible and fully secure offsite backup images.

Let’s let IT consultant Tony Bradley give us the scoop:

And don’t forget, if you’re not so certain your current backup solution is up to snuff, you can always check out one of our free trial downloads and see for yourself how powerful these tools really are. It’s all part of the StorageCraft Recover-ability solution, which can empower you to easily backup, replicate, manage, and recover your ShadowProtect backup images.

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Casey Morgan

Casey Morgan

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