Webinar: Microsoft Exchange Data Structures are Complicated, Backup and Recovery Doesn’t Have to Be.

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UBM and StorageCraft technical marketing manager Steven Snyder present a webinar outlining just how easy it can be to backup and recover a Microsoft Exchange server and MS Exchange systems.

Exchange data structures and networks can be extremely complex and it’s easier for errors to occur in the larger data sets and more complex structures you might see when working with Exchange servers.

This means that it’s critical to consistently take backups of your Exchange servers in case a single mailbox or the whole system fails or is corrupted. Luckily, it can be very simple to recover an Exchange server with the right tools.

Plus, with granular recovery for Exchange, you can take advantage of forensic discovery, recover lost or deleted emails, move mailbox migrations, backend search and reporting and even compliance. There are dozens of reasons why having granular recovery abilities can help you get the most from your Exchange networks.

To learn more, check out the full video below.

Note: This webinar was recorded in February so the interactive elements are not available.

Photo Credit: Paul Hammond via Compfight cc

Casey Morgan

Casey Morgan

Casey Morgan is the marketing content specialist at StorageCraft, a U of U graduate, and an Oxford comma enthusiast. Casey has spent the last few years writing hundreds of pieces of marketing content—from infographics to ebooks, blog articles, and web copy. He believes that content isn’t just about selling products, it’s about connecting and empowering people and businesses. When he’s weary of words, you might find him and his dog in the woods or enjoying a cool homebrew.

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