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The library provides case studies, white papers, briefs, videos, and other types of information that help you learn about our solutions.


Learn about our solutions and how others have managed and protected data with StorageCraft.

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Case Study: SpawGlass Builds Peace of Mind with StorageCraft Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

Learn how OneXafe brought the company—and the IT team—peace of mind.

Video: Construction Company Reinforces its Backup and Recovery Solution with StorageCraft OneXafe

Coral Homes embraces StorageCraft's OneXafe solution, taking the construction company and their data to new horizons

Case Study: Luxury Four-Wheel-Drive Motor Homes Stay on Track Thanks to StorageCraft Data Protection Solutions!

See how StorageCraft OneXafe and ShadowProtect helped Concorde scale out its data storage.

Video: Why T.A. Solberg Uses StorageCraft for Data Protection

T.A. Solberg, owner of a chain of grocery stores, chose StorageCraft for its backup and disaster recovery solution. Learn why.

Case Study: UK-Based MSP Rescued Data from Ransomware with ShadowProtect

BCS supplies IT services to businesses across several verticals, such as healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services. Learn why BCS relies on ShadowProtect for backup and disaster recovery.

Case Study: Customer Back in Business Fast after a Ransomware Attack

MSP Siqual shares how it deployed a new disaster recovery solution for a client and had to use it several months later to save data from ransomware.

Case Study: IT Solutions Supplier Helps Small Businesses Stay Secure

IT Solutions Supplier Deremarque Informatique helps very small businesses stay secure with OneXafe Solo.

Case Study: Construction Company Reinforces its Backup and Recovery Solution with StorageCraft OneXafe

Coral Homes embrace StorageCraft's OneXafe solution taking the construction company and its data to new horizons

Brief: Keeping Storage Costs in Line as Your Data Grows

The amount of data being generated by businesses continues to grow exponentially. Can your infrastructure and budget keep up?