The Backup tab includes the following advanced options:

Option Default Description
Include Free Space OFF Backs up all sectors on the volume including those sectors marked as free space. This can result in a much larger image file, but can help preserve previously deleted files.
Note: You can turn this option On or Off at a later date without creating a new job.
Performance throttling ON, 100% I/O usage Specifies how much I/O bandwidth that ShadowProtect can use when creating a backup image file. Use the slider bar to adjust this setting. Reducing (throttling) ShadowProtect I/O usage increases the time it takes to create a backup image file, but can reserve I/O bandwidth for other processes.
2nd and subsequent full backups are differentials OFF Instructs ShadowProtect to create a differential image rather than a full image for the second and subsequent scheduled backup jobs. For example, if you have a weekly backup schedule that creates a new full image each Monday, selecting this option instructs ShadowProtect to create a differential image each Monday based on the changes since the initial full image. This reduces storage needs for the backup image files over time.
Generate MD5 file when creating an image file ON Instructs ShadowProtect to create an MD5 (Message Digest 5) checksum file when creating a backup image file. The checksum lets you confirm the file integrity of backup image files. ImageManager also uses this MD5 file to verify integrity.
Ignore read failures and continue backup OFF Instructs ShadowProtect to ignore disk read errors that occur during the creation of backup image files. Use this option with caution, as it may back up disk corruption and prevent a restored volume from working properly. However, in the event of a failed disk, it may help preserve any remaining intact data.
Write Key File ON Instructs ShadowProtect to create an SPK key file when choosing to encrypt backup files. Turning this option OFF forces ShadowProtect to not create an SPK file while encrypting backup files. Users will need to enter the encrypted file password each time to perform operations such as in ImageManager.
Generate volume bitmap OFF Causes ShadowProtect to create a bitmap file for the source volume. ImageManager can then use this file to prune free space during a backup consolidation. ShadowProtect's Image Conversion utility can also use this file to exclude free space when converting a file to VMDK or VHD.

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