Recover Files and Folders

Use Windows Explorer to view and recover files and folders from backup image files. ShadowProtect adds two options to the Explorer's context menu (the right-click menu) of image files:

Mount Launches the Image File Mount Wizard. This wizard guides you through the process of mounting the selected backup image file. This type of mount allows you to modify files or folders from the image file and then have ShadowProtect save those changes in a new backup image file. You can simultaneously mount multiple backup image files, but you must mount each backup image file individually with the Image File Mount Wizard.
Quick Mount Mounts the selected backup image file as read-only using the next available drive letter. You can select multiple backup image files in Explorer then select Quick Mount to mount them simultaneously. Each mounted image file receives the next available drive letter. You can then copy files or folders from this mounted image to recover them.

Drives remain mounted until you dismount them or restart the machine. For more details about dismounting a backup image file, see Dismounting Backup Image Files.

NOTE: ShadowProtect retains NTFS file permissions in backup images. As a result, files or folders from a backup image may not open when using Quick Mount to view an image on a different system (which lacks those permissions). To temporarily change these permissions and view the files or folders, use Mount to open the backup image as Read/Write instead. Then use Windows Explorer to change ownership of the file or folder to access it.

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