StorageCraft Partner Portal Quick Start Guide

Welcome to the StorageCraft Partner Portal. 

The StorageCraft Partner Portal provides you with a single sign-on. The portal is a central location for all your partner needs such as:

  • Single hub to manage all MSP/VAR offerings
  • One set of credentials to remember
  • Unlimited Academy eLearning access
  • Gillware data analysis access
  • Cloud services tools and resources
  • Access to co-brandable marketing materials

Getting Support for Using the StorageCraft Partner Portal

Important: If you need help with the Partner Portal, please contact your sales account manager. 


Navigating the Portal

This quick start guide helps you understand and navigate inside the portal.

Click the image below to enlarge it. 


Portal User Interface

The StorageCraft Partner Portal user interface consists of the following sections:

  • Navigation pane (far left side), which includes links to:
    • Partners area
    • Managed Service Providers (MSP) area
    • Marketplace
    • Academy
    • Other areas based on your agreement with StorageCraft
  • Control Buttons (Resources, Settings, Logout - top right side).
  • Partners and Partner Dashboard pane, which includes:
    • Partner Profile
    • Partner Program Level
    • Support Cases
    • News and Announcements
    • StorageCraft Recovery Zone
    • Account Manager information
  • Information bar (bottom), which includes: 
    • Language selection
    • Company name
    • User name
    • Time before session expires
    • Location and Date

Detailed Resources for Using the Portal

It also includes links to more detailed supplements that describe how to use various sections of the StorageCraft Partner Portal. These links include: 

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