StorageCraft Recovery Environment CrossPlatform User Guide

Welcome to the StorageCraft® Recovery Environment CrossPlatform User Guide. This Guide describes the ShadowProtect technology, and how to derive maximum benefit from the StorageCraft Recovery Environment CrossPlatform (RE-X).

RE-X is an innovative environment based on a Linux OS. It provides unique benefits for recovering system volumes:

  • Restores all Linux and Windows environments supported by ShadowProtect and SPX.
  • Supports both formatting and partition actions on MBR and GPT drives.
  • Runs as a full 64-bit environment with significant contemporary 64-bit driver support.
  • Supports conversion of an image chain into the new Microsoft .vhdx virtual drive format.
  • Prevents saving a new incremental using the same name as an existing one.

This Guide includes the following major sections:

Additional Information

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