StorageCraft Recovery Environment User Guide

Welcome to the StorageCraft® Recovery Environment User Guide. It describes the ShadowProtect technology, and how to derive maximum benefit from the StorageCraft Recovery Environment. It also describes using the ShadowProtect IT Edition. The IT Edition is identical to the Recovery Environment except that it is distributed as a USB key with a distinct license.

Note: This Guide covers the Recovery Environment-Windows (RE-WIND). Refer to the Recovery Environment-Crossplatform (RE-X) User Guide for details of that software.

This Guide covers Recovery Environment v5.2.7 and REBuilder v1.1.9. New to this release is a 64-bit Recovery Environment that should support native UEFI booting and those with Secure Boot enabled. The 64-bit version does not need to run in Compatibility Mode with UEFI.

This guide includes these major sections:

Additional Information

For emerging issues and other resources, see the following:

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