Loading Drivers

Recovery Environment lets you dynamically load storage or network drivers so Recovery Environment can access different hardware.

Note: Only Recovery Environment uses these drivers, not the restored system volume. When using the 32-bit version of Recovery Environment, these drivers must also be 32-bit. Before loading a driver, verify that the new driver files are actually 32-bit, as some hardware vendors do not clearly distinguish 32-bit versions from 64-bit.

To dynamically load a driver

  1. Click Load Drivers in the Recovery Environment Tools menu. The Load Drivers dialog appears:
  2. Click Add Path to browse to the INF file you need. Repeat this Add Path process to add all needed INF files.
    Click-and-drag the drivers to move them up or down the list in order to establish priority.
  3. Click Load to immediately load all the listed drivers.

Recovery Environment then provides access to the device(s) or network(s).

Important: The Recovery Environment - Windows (REWIND) created by REBuilder does not currently support iSCSI.

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