SSH Access to ShadowControl


Can we please get SSH access to the ShadowControl server?

This will make it much easier to mount storage locations, monitor the server with 3rd party utilities and install VMware Tools.


ShadowControl Push Installation via DHCP machine


Hi Team, i would like to request the festures to allow ShadowControl perform push installation by insert hostname only. Because by current CSV list, it will be a MUST to put in the HOSTNAME, IP ADDRESS and OS PLATFORM which this will be cause the issue when the target client was running on DHCP (eg. desktop/laptop).

So if the CSV list can only define the HOSTNAME and OS PLATFORM then would be easier to perform push installation towards large mount of client machine.

Thank you.


ShadowControl - Remove endpoints from ShadowProtect Backups report that don't have ShadowProtect agent installed


The ShadowProtect Backups report https://SHADOWCONTROL/report/backups currently shows all endpoints that have ShadowProtect installed, regardless of whether the ShadowProtect backup agent is actually installed.

Shadow Control - Choose Report frequency for individual Organisation


In Shadow Control > Schedule Reports section I would like to see the option to choose the report frequency for an individual Organisation.

Currently you can only select the report frequency for all Organisations, the majority of our customers are happy with Daily backup reports, but we have several customers who would like Monthly backup reports from Shadow Control which we currently cannot provide.


ShadowControl Appliance Backup alerts


ShadowControl is able to send e-mail alerts for endpoints based on status rules. I would like to see the Appliance Backup feature be able to send an alert if the scheduled backup fails. I think this would be relatively easy to implement considering the appliance already has an SMTP configuration and is able to send mail for other alerts.


Notification of Unprotected Volume


I could be missing the setting for this, but it would be great to have some sort of notification / status warning for volumes that are not being backed up.  This would really need to be something that we can customise to turn off warnings on drives that are explicitly not being backed up for whatever reason.

API Access into ShadowControl


It would be great if we can get API Access into the ShadowControl Appliance.  To start with this would allow me to be able to integrate into our ticketing system and dashboards, along with create our own custom reports.

SHADOWCONTROL: Send email for issue resolved


It would be nice if in addition to the failure messages that get sent out, if the option was present to have ShadowControl send a message of resolution as well.  We have a few administrative people whose job is to create service tickets based on email alerts from our monitoring systems.  When they come in on the weekends and some tickets have come in, we'd like them to have a mechanism for telling if a failure self-resolved since the time that the original failure/warning alert was sent.

ShadowControl Reports


On the ShadowContol License Report it would be good if that information included the Expire Date and the ability to export that data to an Excel or csv file. I would be helpful for resellers to help keep track of client license and expiration dates. 


ShadowControl Display License info


I would like an easier way to manage clients perpetual licenses in Shadow control so that I can see the info like when logging into the marketplace and searching key info.


Product Key:****-****-****-****

Product:Server - Virtual

License Type:Perpetual




Maintenance:YYYY-MM-DD – YYYY-MM-DD




Premium Support:no


This would be nice to see in the Endpoint or at least the license report.

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