HIR for Server 2012

Hi Folks,

I am in need of some support here to do a successful HIR for Server 2012. Here is a quick run down of the situation.

Source Server: HP ML 150 G6 (working fine)
Mass Storage controller: B110i
Source OS: Server 2012 Standard

Destination Server: HP ML 350e Gen8
Mass Storage Controller: B120i

I have been able to successfully backup the OS using IT Edition altough this needed to be done whilst the system was running.

Bare metal restore to new, unformatted hard drive - How to

For our DRP, I need to find or create documentation for performing a bare metal restore to a new, unformatted hard drive from a ShadowProtect backup saved on an external USB drive and created  from the same computer before a hard drive crash.

SBS 2003 HIR to Vmware esxi

Hello, the posts and documentation I found on the subject date from 2008 or 2009. Is there anything different in the procedure outlined with SP 4.0 (Active Directory, NICs, etc.)?

Also, the SBS 2003 we are restoring is on a software RAID1 array  (Windows 2003 RAID). Should we break the mirroring before imaging?

Thank you for your input.

Windows 2000 - Virtual Boot HIR

Hi All,

I've got a machine, running in a factory with Windows 2000 on it. I've ShadowProtected it and would like to VirtualBoot. Alas, I can't.

Error1: Unable To Continue. The HIR operation failed 0x00000012

Error2: The operation did not complete successfully. Error Code: 18 (0x00000012) Error Description: There are no more files.

I virtual booted a windows XP machine directly after seeing the error, and it worked fine. So it SHOULD work.

Ultra newbie restoring from xp to Windows 7

I have come to realize that this product is far too complex for the likes of me.  I bought it hoping to avoid the re-installation of all my programs when the fateful day came and my old horse XP was ready to go to the shredder.

So here I am trying to do this maneuver using written and video instructions that address issues that (if I understood them) are no doubt more than I need.

I managed to upgrade and with the help of Corrie I created my 4.0.1 ISO disk. I inserted it in the CD/DVD drive and had the machine boot from it.  Everything spins, burps etc.

4.0.1 boot-time HIR restore successful, but Windows fails to start normally

Hi everyone,

I'm starting to give up hope on my HIR efforts & thought I would reach out for help in case anyone has a constructive suggestion..

I'm trying to use SP Desktop Boot-Time 4.0.1 to migrate a Windows 7 Ultimate x64 volume from one machine to another:

SOURCE machine: Intel S5000 series mainboard, model S5000PSLSASR
TARGET machine: Intel mainboard S5520HC (with different CPUs, memory, RAID controller, etc)

HIR Restore - ShadowProtect not installed on server

please could someone clarify if we will be able to succesfully perform a HIR Restore from an image that was created in the Recovery CD only?
ShadowProtect was not installed on the server, the hardware is different.


HP G6 series hardware and HIR

 Has anyone had any experience using IT Edition on the HP G6 hardware?

Does HIR work or do we need to load drivers?

Advanced restore options

Hello everyone,

I've got 2 IBM 80p Ultra3 SCSI drive 10K RPM "Hot Plug", one of 18.2 GB and the second one of 36.4 GB. I've made a complete backup (one system volume and one data volume) of the first one to restore it on the second drive. I'll consider resinzing up the 2 volumes when I'm sure the recovery is OK.

When I restored the first volume on the second drive, I selected these options :

Create exact primary partition at the beginning of free space, then :


- Set Active

BSOD after restore - Session Manager Failed to Initialize

STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error}

The Session Manager Initialization system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0x000003a {0x00000000 0x00000000).

The system has been shut down.


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