Recovery Environment

Cross Platform 2.2.2 ISO too big for CD?

Is it just me or is the cross platform v2.2.2 ISO 6MB too big to fit on an 80 minute CD-R?

Unable to burn ISO using the Recovery Environment Builder 1.1.5.

I successfully built the WINPE recovery environment ISO but was unbanle to burn the file to a DVD. I received the error message in the attached file. I was able to burn the .iso file using the built in WIN 7 capability. I'm running WIN7 32bit Home Premium.

SPRE Restore from Windows 8 Storage Space


SPRE v5 does not appear to support restore from an image repository on a Windows 8 Storage Space (ReFS). Since Storage Spaces is one of the cardinal new features of Windows 8 and Server 2012, this is a serious deficiency. I would have thought this support would have been available in v5 at its release. Please implement this capability as soon as possible.

Recovery Environment Vulnerable to Internet Hackers?

Paranoid Question:  During a full backup from the Vista (Recommended) Recovery Environment, booted from CD version 3.5 WITHOUT loading network support, I forgot to disconnect the Ethernet cable from my ISP over last night.  (The computer stayed in the backup screen of the recovery Environment all night, and of course I wasn't logged in to my own OS.)  Naturally BOTH my entire machine AND my local (not NAS) backup drive (containing ALL of my vital system backups!) were connected.  Am I safe from Internet attacks without the network support, or is it possible for a hac

Intel RST (AHCI, IAStor) and Renasas (NEC) USB 3 Superspeed drivers

The ShadowProtect v4.1 Recovery Environment does not include the very latest versions of these drivers:

  • Intel RST drivers (AHCI/IAStor)
  • Renasas (NEC) USB 3.0 Superspeed drivers

If you want to load these drivers quickly, you can run this batch file from a USB Flash Drive.

The Intel RST drivers will help with performance and stutter problems with AHCI/RAID, SSD, and Advanced Format drives.

The USB 3.0 drive should help improve throughput when using USB 3.0 drives.

Recovery Environment

When booting into version of the ShadowProtect Desktop Recovery Environment, I noticed that the first option is to “start Vista-based recovery environment.”  With the previous release of the Recovery Environment, that startup option employed Windows 7 rather than Windows Vista.

Why did StorageCraft revert to Windows Vista for the recovery environment?

Thank you.

Advanced restore options

Hello everyone,

I've got 2 IBM 80p Ultra3 SCSI drive 10K RPM "Hot Plug", one of 18.2 GB and the second one of 36.4 GB. I've made a complete backup (one system volume and one data volume) of the first one to restore it on the second drive. I'll consider resinzing up the 2 volumes when I'm sure the recovery is OK.

When I restored the first volume on the second drive, I selected these options :

Create exact primary partition at the beginning of free space, then :


- Set Active

Problems with recovery environment after activating SP

Hello. I've been trialling SP desktop for a month now. I requested a full evaluation because I wanted to try the recovery environment. I've been making and validating backups with no problems from the recovery environment.

Today I bought and activated SP. I made a differential backup from the recovery environment but, to my surprise, verification failed. I then made a full backup and verification also failed.

single to multi-processor migrations

Hi all,

Can anyone shed some light on single to multi-processor migprations using Server Ed.?  I have a vmware guest, a single processor MS Win2003 Terminal Server, which is suffering from CPU overuse.  I'd like to migrate this guest to a 2-processor guest.  I was hoping to do this using ShadowProtect Server Ed. HIR.

 Anyone had a similar experience, or care to add comments/advice.

Much appreciated,


Recovery Envir fails as " Can't find file "

Boot  into recovery environment
option choices appear
option 1 or 2 results in
" File not found "
can't continue

cd verified ok on other machines

winxp pro latest sp
ibm intellistation M Pro
2 scsi drives
atapi cd drive

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