ShadowControl - Remove endpoints from ShadowProtect Backups report that don't have ShadowProtect agent installed


The ShadowProtect Backups report https://SHADOWCONTROL/report/backups currently shows all endpoints that have ShadowProtect installed, regardless of whether the ShadowProtect backup agent is actually installed.

sbvol 504 Cannot query the incremental tracking state (-2 The system cannot find the file specified.)

Hello All,

I am having issues backing up one of our client's server. When i initiated a first full backup, it happened to fail and i am lost on where to find the exact cause of the error. May someone give me some ideas or advise me on how to troubleshoot this kind of issue? Inline with this is the error i am getting.


DFS Staging Folder

We have a customer that has two servers in a DFS pair that are producing random large incremental backups. I can not directly correlate these backups to major file activity and our best guess is that DFS has something to do with it.

Import and export backup jobs


There are cases at times in which a backup agent may need to be uninstalled and reinstalled in order to troubleshoot or resolve some issue.  In ShadowProtect 5, you could sort of export a job and import it by workign with the appropriatae registry keys.  I'm sure that in ShadowProtect SPX you can use a SQLite browser to do a similar function.

Cannot cleanup chain C_VOL-b001.spf:The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

Hi All,

Firstly, apologies if this topic has been covered. I have googled and tried a lot of suggestions but I'm now stuck !

We have a customer which we inherited, along with an implementation of Storage Craft Shadow Protect and Image Manager. My previous experience has been with Symantec Netbackup and Backup Exec, so this product is completely new to me. I am expecting you all to probably comment on how out of date or wrong certain bits are, so I'm open to any recommendations that might help me resolve this.

IntelligentFTP - An I/O exception occurred.


we have a wd my cloud ex2 NAS with FTP turned on. FTP to the NAS is working with WINSCP (FTP and FTPS mode). Also Intelligent FTP is working with FTP mode. But if i use the switch SSL encryption i get an "An I/O exception occurred" message after a while...


Since the winscp connection is working both encrypted and unencyrpted it must be an issue with IntelligentFTP.


Could someone please help me with this issue?

thanks in advance



Update ShadowProtect and ImageManager through ShadowControl


It would be really nice to be able to trigger an update of ShadowProtect or ImageManager through the ShadowControl dashboard. I'm sure it could be done with scripts through our RMM tool, but it would be nice to have a built-in way to do the updates.

ImageManager Installation on Hyper-V Server 2012 R2


This is a request to modify ImageManager 6 and beyond to run on Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 R2. This is the core version with no GUI.

ShadowProtect Virtual & Hyper-V Core

Guys have a few questions about ShadowProtect Virtual.

We have a HP Server running Hyper-V Core 2012 running two guest operating systems.

1 ) Is it possible to install and use ShadowProtect Virtual on the Hyper-V Core operating system and use it to backup the two guest operating systems to a NAS

2 ) Is it also possible to install the Image Manager on the Hyper-V Core OS to consollidate the backups and FTP them offsite?

ShadowProtect SBS Console Integration


Windows SBS includes a console to monitor and manage the system. It also sends reports based on the events in the SBS console.

One of the areas it monitors is backups and if it does not detect that Windows is being backed up then it will display a warning about that in the console and in the reports.

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