ShadowProtect IT Edition

3-day CD

Today I once again had the misfortune to require downloadong and burning a 3-day CD for an old workstation that cannot boot from USB.

As usual, speed was paramount, and as usual the download speeds of the 3-day CD was abysmal, varying between 20 and 60 kb/sec. This means the download will take between 1 and 3 hours! (if it succeeds).

 StorageCraft, this is not good enough! A similar sized download from Microsoft takes 2-3 minutes to come down!

Booting IT edition ISO on Hyper-V

Hi all,

I'm trying to boot the IT Edition ISO (3.6.0) on a Hyper-V guest in a data center. I'm at our office (but servers are in data center), so am running the LicensingServer.cmd from the USB plugged into my PC at my office (I run the licensingserver.cmd quite often as I always work on machines in data center from remote locations).

Newly created 3day CD "expired"

I have a site with 2 Windows 2003 Server VM's running on ESXi3.5. I have never been able to run online ShadowProtects on this site (the application hangs), but offline images booting from CD have till now succeeded.

This Saturday morning I was onsite trying to image. I had downloaded and created the 3day CD on Thursday afternoon, but when I attempted to load this it came up as "expired". This of course really pissed me off, especially as the download speed of these CD's (in New Zealand at least) is terrible.

IT Edition Dongle - Will not boot

Hi there, I have 2x IT Edition Dongles, I'm going to refer to the working one as good and the non working one as bad. I've talked to the supplier and storagecraft, I am providing information to help solve the problem. Please ask questions as I may have missed information

My current problem is this: When trying to boot into ShadowProtectPE (From the bad memory stick), it asks for the licensing server.

Damn dongles!

In a case of technology going backwards and making life harder, we have now received our IT version USB dongles to replace the CD's. We now face a number of problems.

Restoring a 2003 Domain Controller with non-standard drive letters

I have a backup of Windows Server 2003 machine that is an AD domain controller, and also an Exchange 2003 server. I need to restore it to new hardware. Caveat: the original machine had two partitions - system G: and data F:. Also, the original machine had two physical disks, and the volumes are dynamic mirrored volumes - disk 0 had G: (system) first then F: (data) second, and disk 1 was the opposite - data first, system second.

Change networking default to NO on boot disk

 Hi there,

 The company for which I work uses the shadow protect boot disk a huge amount (several times each day).

Unfortunately quite often we are too busy to cancel it from loading network connections. Normally this wouldn't be a hassle, but when using the boot disk, the computers are on a special network dubbed "VirusfreeDMZ". When it attempts to load the network, it takes half an hour before we can do anything with it...

HP G6 series hardware and HIR

 Has anyone had any experience using IT Edition on the HP G6 hardware?

Does HIR work or do we need to load drivers?

SP IT can't connect to network share from within Windows 2008 Hyper-V VM

I am testing with the IT edition and am trying to restore an image which is located on a Windows network share. I am booting the IT Edition CD within a new Windows 2008 Hyper-V VM using the Legacy network adaptor setting for the VM. The host 2008 server is not part of a domain.

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