Acquiring ShadowProtect ISO File

I have downloaded (and payed for) ShadowProtect and have it functioning on several PCs. I am yet to look at creating a Bootable CD to restore an image to a clean HD. It is suggested on the site if I didn't download the ISO file first time around I can log back into the Webstore and download it. I can't see that this is correct. I am led through a new purchase process but can't see an alternative anywhere to acquite the ISO when I neglected/forgot to get it first time around.

What havew I missed? Any advice? Cheers




Re: Acquiring ShadowProtect ISO File


Click on the "store" link then "My Account". Login with your email and password. This will bring up your order history. Click on the order number and at the bottom of the page there will be the download links. This might not be the current version though (although, they might have change it). will take you to a page where you can enter your serial number and download the current ISO.


Re: Acquiring ShadowProtect ISO File

Thank you, all simple when you know how. I had been avoiding anything that vaguely sounded like a new order or signing for trial versions......

Thanks again. 


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