Advanced Verification Questions

Hi Everyone,

I recently setup ImageManager for weekly advanced verification. All devices seemed to come up just fine except for one. Screenshot:


The problem I am having is that, since this is my first week using advanced verification, I don't know if this problem is from a bad image, or if this is because of the software I am using. I am currently using the hyper-v plugin with VirtualBox. I have the same setup on other BDRs and don't get this error. I know that I can probably just continue past this error if it came to me actually restoring it, but didn't know if there is something I can do to get it to actually boot to the OS.


I also have some email notifications that never came in over the weekend. Most I setup last week and I did run a test to make sure the emails can go through. Any help would be appreciated.



Well my first quistion is are

Well my first quistion is are you using Hyper-V or Oracle Virtualbox to virtually boot your images? Because you can't use both. HyperV interferes with Oracles Virtualbox. Second question, is this a 64 bit or 32 bit host computer? Because like it says in the rror message, you can't boot a 64 bit guest on a 32 bit processor.

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