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Are there any guides or

Are there any guides or outlines on upgrading ShadowStream servers and Image Managers safely?  We upgraded IM to 6.6 at one point, and with our 5.0.5 ShadowStream server, we effectively killed replication from any IM 6.6 client - which still appears to hold true, even with Legacy add-in from the IM side.  What we need to know is the impact of upgrading the ShadowStream server on our host side as it relates to all the replication sources from our client locations.  Does SS 6.x support all the IM 6.5.4 clients as-is, or will modifications need to be made - or all new backups/seeding to take place?  We rolled all the 6.6 IM's back after we found that out previously.


Thank you for your post.

IM 6.5.4 does not support Shadow stream v6.

The legacy bug has been addressed in 6.7.2. 


True, but now 6.7.6 IM and

True, but now 6.7.6 IM and latest SS server running UDP? Horrific replication issues across the board since moving to this method - to the point of having to shut of notifications from IM's because they are *always* erroring.  Funny - the older version of IM/SS combination sitting on the same connection using legacy TCP has FAR fewer problems.  But it's the connection, right? Heh.  I love SC, I really do - dedicated an entire DR/BC service to it - but every upgrade makes it worse and worse.  Clearly we're doing it wrong?

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