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we have installed SPX 6.5.2 on a Win7 Machine. When we try to start SPX it says: "Connection falied. Please verify that the SPX service is running and that the IP address and port are correct."

The SPX service is not running and when we start it, it immediately stops again.

There is no Antivirus installed and the firewall is deactivated.

We restarted the machine several times. Repair install and a complete reinstall didnt work.


Hope you have any ideas.




Make sure your Windows is

Make sure your Windows is patched fully. There are some later patches to Windows 7 that update its ability to read newer certificate signatures. If the service still won't start after that I would give support a call.


Was ShadowProtect v5 or SPX

Was ShadowProtect v5 or SPX previously running on this machine, or is this a new install?  If this is an upgrade, what version was on the machine previously?

If this is an upgrade from a previous version, I recommend looking for the behavior described in the following article:

I recommend examining the log file located at C:\ProgramData\StorageCraft\SPX\log\spx_service.log which will show when the service is starting and stopping, and what error messages occur right before the service stops.  If you can reflect that information we can provide further insight.

If you need further help, we recommend posting this conversation to our new discussion threads on our new site.  Or submit a support case with the diagnostics results from that machine so our support team can help investigate further.  

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