Continous vs Mixed

Currently, we are running a continuous incremental backup on a QNAP NAS.  It has now filled up the NAS unit.

I'm looking for a better way of creating 8-9 snapshots a day up to a week's worth (M-F) and then either roll this up into a full one once a week or roll up 2 times per month.

I would like the old incremental's to be removed so I can keep a handle on the space usage.






Jon L Miller





You have two (cheap) options:

1. Switch the backup schedule to a mixed. Evena  mixed schedule can generate a snapshot (minimum) every 15 mins.

2. Install imagemanager on a Winbox and manage the backup directory on the NAS with imagemanager application to consolidate the incrementals.

One more expensive option:

Increase the NAS storage


Look for older image sets for

Look for older image sets for the same volumes (C_VOL-b001, C_VOL-b002, C_VOL-b003), and delete/archive them elsewhere. Also check the incrementals folder and it can be cleaned. Make sure the "Move instead of delete" retention option isn't turned on in ImageManager.

We highly recommend using a continuous incremental backup job, but we also highly recommend managing that folder with ImageManager on day 1. It starts verifying all new images immediately and then performs consolidation and retention. It is essential to making sure your image chain stays healthy and clean up the old incrementals.

The tricky part is that if you haven't been using ImageManager, and now your NAS is full, things are going to be tricky because it's got to create new consolidated image files before it can remove the older incremental images in-between. Might have to shuffle some files around or delete some chains and start over.

Good luck!

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