-cr files

I wanted to verify my understanding is correct that the -cr (consolidated rolling) will continue to grow forever if a new full backup(new chain) is not taking.  What is the best practice for when to create a new chain.  We are currently keeping 6months of -cm files and the -cr is getting pretty big at some customers that have 2 year old chains.  We are replicating to a data center and the monthly replication is getting longer and longer as the -cr is growing.







The process for taking a new

The process for taking a new full would just be to take the new full and remove the old ones from the directory after the previous backup has completed.


what is recommended

How often should you create a new chain?  Once a year?  If i never take a new chain the -cr file would continue to grow forever?


It all depends on the

It all depends on the client's storage and their individual needs. I would recomend a new full at the very least once I year, because as you can see, the size of multi year chains can be very large and the longer the chain is, the longer it takes to restore (the -cr helps mitigate this though since it keeps the chain shorter). Without the -cr though yes, the chain would continue to grow as consolidated monthlies are added to it. A yearly full though can be better for archival purposes though since you can put the previous years chain in long term storage (Like Amazon Glacier, a box of drisk in a storage unit/closet, etc.) and have them available without impacting the storage of the current years data.


-cr Growth Time Frame....

I just need to get clarification, as it applies to this. Am I correct in saying that the -cr will continue to grow as the older monthly consolidations are rolled into it? This would mean that there should only ever be one -cr per chain that all older monthly's continue to roll into without end, until a new chain is started, which would eventually create a new -cr for that chain. I just want to understand that, as there is no direct configuration for how long a -cr remains and no retention for -cr files. So this leads me to guess that it is continuous without end, or ImageManager is hard coded to stop rolling into one -cr and create a new one.


That is correct. Imagemanager

That is correct. Imagemanager only ever makes one cr and it will continue to grow as the chain continues to exist.


Thank you!

That is incredibly helpful to know. Thank you very much for your insight.


"... Am I correct in saying

"... Am I correct in saying that the -cr will continue to grow as the older monthly consolidations are rolled into it? ..."

A continuous chain with a rolling monthly consolidation will have

  1. An initial full back up (Which becomes increasingly irrelevant over time)
  2. A rolling monthly back up (which converts the initial full back up to the oldest monthly back up you have configured the software to keep, eventually becoming an " ignore all the initial baseline and replace it with the cr)
  3. Retained monthly, weekly, daily, and intra-daily back ups as configured.

So in time the chain will grow in size to contain two full backups (three during creation of a new cr) together with the incremental back ups you configure the system to maintain. In theory you could decrease this by one by making the initial backup very small (run the first full back up on an empty disk or Storage craft supporting an empty initial baseline and immediate cr)

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