downloading version 5.1.4

Hello, I have a short question:

At the downloadpage I read in the releasenotes, the new version is 5.1.4, but download shows version 5.0.4

What's wrong here?





Thank you very much.Is there

Thank you very much.

Is there a new recovery version (image file) also / mandatory?





EDIT: Sorry - it is OK now, the downloadpage shows it all now


Image file

Look at the bottom of the download page.


Fantastic.  Please let us

Fantastic.  Please let us know if you need anything else.

Brad Stiritz

Can't find 5.1.4 recovery environment..

I looked at the bottom of the downloads page, as mentioned in previous comment, but I only see the "cross platform" ISO. The CP version doesn't work for me, as it doesn't recognize my RAID driver & doesn't seem to have a "load driver" option.

Could s/o please point me to the 5.1.4 ISO?

Thanks in advance


You will need to download the

You will need to download the RE Builder and the Windows ADK to create the latest WinPE Recovery Envrionment.

Here is the link for downloading the RE -

You should be prompted to download the specific version of the ADK automatically but just in case here is the link -

Brad Stiritz

what happened to pre-built Windows ISOs?

Thanks but I don't understand-- all the previous versions had pre-built RE ISOs available for download. I have the 5.0.4 version ISO for example, which didn't require any build process like what you describe. Just download the ISO & burn. Has everything changed? If so, I didn't see any notice on the forum..


Yes, Microsoft changed their

Yes, Microsoft changed their licensing agreement and won't allow anyone to distrubute their WinPE environment anymore (not just limited to StorageCraft).  That's why it is now required to download the ADK directly from them now.

The process of creating the RE is very straight forward once you have the ADK downloaded.

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