Event ID 4 in Event Log.

Using the latest version of SPD on WIndows 10 x64 Creators Update.

I started getting the warning message below recently.  It might have been after installing the Windows 10 Creators Update or one of the subsequent Cumlative Updates.  This warning is generated when taking a backup.  A similar error is generated when I mount a backup volume. Other than the warning message everything seems to be OK.


File System Filter 'wcifs' (Version 10.0, ‎2001‎-‎02‎-‎13T23:10:20.000000000Z) failed to attach to volume '\Device\00000072'.  The filter returned a non-standard final status of 0xC0000010.  This filter and/or its supporting applications should handle this condition.  If this condition persists, contact the vendor.


I opend up a support request (00286778) but haven't heard back from STC.  BTW... is there a way to view my support request?  I can't seem to find a way.



Is their anyone alive at STC?

Doesn't anyone from STC respond?  I also haven't gotten any response in regards to my support request.  Great product, lousy support.


Currently there isn't a way

Currently there isn't a way to view your support requests and the currently released version of SPX was not tested against the creators update, so there might be some weird errors that come out from it. Is it functioning correctly and still taking backups and just posting this into the log?

Edit: doing a little more digging, this doesn't look like its being caused by us directly. It looks like its an issue with VSS (which we leverage to do backups) in the Creators Update. So while we are initating the action that puts the event into the log, there isn't anything we can do to fix it.

Here is one of the forum threads I saw detailing this issue.



I get the same error - started before 1703 update


I get the same error. I also have updated to Windows 10 x64 Creators Update. However, this error started appearing in February after a Windows update. The strange thing I noticed is that the 'Device\xxxxxxxx' is different each time. This error is definitely generated when ShadowProtect created a backup.


This is an issue with VSS,

This is an issue with VSS, not us in particular. I would recommend clearing out your shadow storage (vssadmin delete shadows /all) and potentiall looking for any disk errors in the event logs.


Let's give STC the benefit of

Let's give STC the benefit of the doubt and say it's Microsoft's fault.  I would think that since you depend on VSS so much your developers would reach out to MS to find out what exactly is going on.  Perhaps a circumvention can be found.  In my case, even though I get the error messages, it doesn't affect my backups which are full backups.  But what about your users that get failing backups and restores.  Is telling them that it's Microsoft's fault the way to go?  Of course not.  You have a responsibility to sort out MS's mess to make your users feel secure in using your product.


I still haven't gotten any

I still haven't gotten any indication of whether or not the backups are failing. I haven't been able to recreate the issue in my testing so far either. A warning in the event logs is just that, a warning. But from what I can tell so far its not affecting our backups.


A lot of people started

A lot of people started getting this same warning in February that aren't even using StorageCraft's products. I think that would indicate that this isn't StorageCraft's problem.


Even if this is the case I

Even if this is the case I would think that STC would touch bases with Microsoft about the issue.  Those that use STC products and see the messages will think there is a problem with STC products.  MS might have even made a change that never got communicated to the products that use VSS.

I recall looking at the Macrium forum where they also have this problem and Macrium provided a fix for it.


Problem continues in Windows Creator Update (1703)

I did a clean install of Windows Professional 10 v1703. I also installed ShawdowProtect Desktop v6.5.2. I then did a quick mount of a backup and got this error:

File System Filter 'wcifs' (Version 10.0, 2088-07-28T20:04:59.000000000Z) failed to attach to volume '\Device\ShadowMount1'

As you can see, the new version of WIndows does not solve the problem.




Was the mount successful? Is

Was the mount successful? Is this a warning or an error?


Mount/Backup success

The error does not seem to affect mounting a backup or creatiing one.


Good. if it starts affecting

Good. if it starts affecting the system stability or backups, let us know!


I think I solved the problem.

Yesterday during one of my full daily backups of my C drive I noticed that my Event Log no longer had the  Event Log message regarding the filter.  After a couple of subsequent backups the message was still gone.

I scratched my head a few times trying to understand why it suddenly went away. I iinstalled an MS cumulative update on 5/25 but I was still getting the Event Log messages after that so that wasn't the thing that fixed it.  Any software products I installed did not seem like they would have fixed things.  Then I remembered something I did.  I regularly try to get rid of temp files that because of various reasons I can't do while  in Windows.  I will boot up Linux so I can delete them.  This time I also decided to delete the 'System Volume Information' folder on my C:\ drive as I don't use System Restore and it's recreated when I boot up Windows.

The timing when I first deleted the 'SVI' folder using Linux was right before my next backup that didn't get the Event Log message.  I decided to try another test.  First I mounted my most current backup and did not receive any messages in my Event Log.  I then mounted a backup that I know had my old 'SVI' folder in it and lo and behold I got the Event Log message.  It appears there was something about my old SIV folder that triggered the Event Log message.

My "SIV' could have been corrupted to the point of causing my issues.  Deleting it and having Windows recreate most likely put the contents back in order. 



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