Google Cloud Restoration

Initially attempted to utilize the StorageCraft Cloud but our VMs were taking hours to boot and performance experienced extreme latency.

I'm thinking of utilizing Intelligent FTP to a VM setup on Google Cloud storing our images there daily.

In the event of a disaster, the idea is to boot up the Recovery ISO on Google Image and perform a restoration to a Disk there.

Has anyone been successful in doing this? I'm unable to get the Cross Platform Recovery ISO to be bootable on Google Cloud. 




We've actually never tried it

We've actually never tried it with Google specifically as far as I'm aware. We did some testing with AWS (the white paper for that pending release) in a similar situtation and the end result was that the RE's don't really work on third party clouds. We ended up creating a Head Start restore job for the volumes and attaching those into the machine on the target 3rd party cloud. There might be some boot device tweaking to get it run properly though once its on it but it seemed to work fine.



I'm shocked there aren't more options or documentation for successful implementations with offsite locations. I wasn't able to find anything on gettings RE working on AWS, Google, etc. It seems like a no brainer solution for disaster recovery. I badly wanted to use StorageCraft Cloud for the simplicity of point and click but the VMs were unusable at their speeds. What other options are there offsite?


For offsiting our backups or

For offsiting our backups or offsiting in general? Like I said we haven't done a whole lot of testing with restoring to other clouds for a number of reasons (none of which I'm allowed to really dig into), this is a recent push and even then its kind of a gentle nudge.


I hear ya. Definitely would

I hear ya. Definitely would be helpful for a lot of folks I'm sure. 

Testing with CloudSigma now. They seems like the solution and support mounting the RE as a CD. Transferring my images over now and hopefully it will fit our needs.


Please post what you find!

Please post what you find!  We are testing with Google cloud now as an alternative to our current offsite provider just to see if it will work.  There isn't really any documentation out there to help with using anything other than StorageCraft cloud that I've found.



Google Cloud wont work nor

Google Cloud wont work nor will AWS for the reason that you can not mount the Recovery Environment ISO on boot up. I killed a ton of time on that. There is a round about way to do it on AWS but it involves converting your images first, re-uploading, etc which was more effort than we wanted to do and would take too long to perform a restore. Our images are 300GB each. 

The key is to look for a cloud provider that allows you to mount that Recovery Environment ISO. Just finishing up testing on our setup and will provide more details when complete if you'd like. It looks like restoration time from start to finish will be about 1.5 hours per VM at 300GB each. 


That would be great!  We've

That would be great!  We've experimented a little with Azure and were currently toying with Google Cloud but we hadn't even considered yet whether the Recovery ISO would work in the cloud VM until reading your post.  Thanks for the reply!


Try this

Havent used it... yet, but seems like it may work. Keep us posted, please.


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