HIR is requesting drivers vms3cap.sys vmgencounter.sys vmbus.sys

I am trying to do a PtoV restore of a Windows 2003 R2 server.

I have restored the system volume but when I run the HIR tool it is asking for the following drivers:  

vms3cap.sys, vmgencounter.sys, vmbus.sys

These appear to be HyperV drivers but I cannot find them anywhere.  

Any help would be appreciated.  I opened case# 00304212 but have yet to hear from a technican to assist.


Eric Olsen

System Administrator

CWM Environmental





Those are the hyperv

Those are the hyperv integration drivers, we likely can't find a match for them, but hyper-v should handle that once the sytem comes up after the restore.


Intergration ISO.

Mount the intergration drives in another HV VM, you can then pull them of the mounted drive :)



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