image manager status questions


I'm trying to find some information on image manager replication status


Background: Image manager is on a windows server  replicating to a unix server.


1) What does it mean when it is sitting and repliacating a file butt he staus is "waiting" and its at 0%

2) Based on this forum here:

I had a similar issue, but my username and password was correct. I was trying to protect the files on the replication target by chmod 400 (ownly owner would had have read access - and doing this after all files replicated) but after disabling/renabling the replicating, it wouldn't come out of initialization state.  I thought it had something to do with the file permission changes on what it already replicated, but it did the same thing in another test where I didn't change the destination file permissions, waited until everything replicated and disabled/re-renabled and it is still the same thing. 0 queued files and stuck at an initializing state.


Any help would be great.





Are you using FTP or network share?

can you transfer a file outside of IM.

1 point how are you managing the files on the remote server? idealy IM is needed on the replication side to verify the images are good and perform retention.

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It sounds like a permissions

It sounds like a permissions issue on the target side. I would also check the ImageManager replication logs wherever you installed ImageManager - typically C:\Program Files x86\StorageCraft\ImageManager\Logs.

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