Images verified but won't open in write mode


We have a problem with a set of images for a volume on a server. 

The images can't be opened in write mode in Shadowprotect SPX. We can open them in read only mode using the Shadowprotect quick mount but if we go in to the SPX client and use the image chain browser and open them there with read mode disabled, then we're told the chain is missing a file. 

However the chain verifies OK and it's been moved with IM which seems happy with it all as well. 

Image attached.

Any ideas why that may be? We need to open it in write mode to restore some files from a permission-protected folder. 




2017-03-09_16_48_40-imagemanager.png59.84 KB



Anyone got any thoughts? Is

Anyone got any thoughts? Is this normal?




No thats not normal. What

No thats not normal. What version of SPX are you using?


6.5.1 at both ends. 6.5.1 on

6.5.1 at both ends. 6.5.1 on the client server and 6.5.1 also on the machine we are trying to open the file with. 




Try deleting the destination

Try deleting the destination and readding it. It might just be a simple caching issue with the Image Chain Browser. Have you tried other installs of SPX?

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