Improved Logging

I've heard and read that ShadowProtect SPX 6.5 has "improved logging."  What does this mean, and where are the logs located?




The main thing that we did

The main thing that we did was split the logging for the backup job into a seperate log in the same directory as the main log. Its in C:\ProgramData\StorageCraft\spx\logs on windows and /opt/var/StorageCraft/spx/logs on Linux.

There will be a few logs in there. The spxservice.log contains all the normal logging for the service, which includes destination, mount and virtualboot related tasks, the spx_nt_service.log, which only logs issues with starting the service that happen prior to the service starting, and the actual backup log which is named with the backups GUID (something like 6dd735f0048e47c9a6c94ded734c9892.log). All of the information that relates to the backup job is now contained within that log and it makes it easier to read when its not jumbled together with the service log and potentially unrelated messages that it provides.

John Koval

Thank You, Josh

That's what I was looking for.  I appreciate the response.


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