Incrementals folder. Can it be emptied periodically?



All being equal, on a working system where everything is reporting as behaving itself, can the Incrementals folder in the Imagemanger managed folder be emptied?


Currently our Incrementals folder appears to be 4TB+ and, from what I can see, this is the folder used to store consolidated weekly incremental files. So this data has been rolled in to the CDW and full image files. 








Agent Settings

ImageManager > Agent Settings > Global Retention (tab)

Ensure "Move all consolidated image files to a subdirectory instead of deleting them" is unchecked.



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Thanks   If we want to keep



If we want to keep that tick box so that consolidated files are kept for a period, can we just purge out the oldest ones to clear some space?




Incrementals subfolder

I believe StorageCraft have already answered this better than I might.

The post is a little old, but I understand it to still be valid for your query.


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Re: Continous Incrementals and the Incrementals Subfolder

The option to delete files rather than move them to the 'Incrementals' sub folder applies only to the intra-daily incrementals (the incremental files created by ShadowProtect each day).  The collapsed daily, weekly, and monthly files created by ImageManager's collapsing process are always moved to the Incrementals sub-folder when they expire beyond the time limit set in the ImageManager policy.  There is currently no option to delete these files automatically.

If you need to free up disk space, you can delete the files in the Incrementals sub folder periodically, or schedule a script to delete them on a regular basis.  However, please note that the Continuous Incremental backup schedule was created primarily to enable customers to copy their backups off-site more easily.  Deleting the files in the Incrementals sub-folder is completely safe, assuming that duplicate copies of the files in the main folder exist off site anyway.  If you do not have off-site copies of these 'main folder' backup files, and the files in the Incrementals sub-folder are deleted, there is always the possibility that one of the earlier files in the main folder will get corrupted somehow, ruining part of the backup chain, and there will be no way to recover (since the incremental sub-folder was emptied).  This is one of the main reasons we do not normally recommend the Continuous Incremental schedule for most home and desktop users.  It is much more suited to enterprise situations where off-siting is required.

Anyway, I hope this information helps.




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