Jobs slow since virtualisation of the server

Hi there,


i have got a strage problem with a Win Server 2008R2. This weekend i migrated the Server from physical to a ESXi 6.0.0. Since then, the backups are very slow. Ca. 1-2,5 MB/sec. Before that it was about 80-100MB/sec. I did the following:

- checked performance settings
- created a new job
- updates SP to 5.2.7
- reinstalled SP
- checked the bandwith to the NAS with large files -> 95MB/sec

Has anybody got an idea what it could be?

Cheers Robin




I would make sure that your

I would make sure that your network drivers are up to date in the VM itself. Its possible you are using defualt drivers for the connection. You could also turn on Write caching, that generally improves performance over the network.


caching disk controller?

Does the ESI host machine have a caching disk controller?


Hey, i already fixed the


i already fixed the issue. See:

„I have been searching for the same fix as you.. I know its been a while since you reported this fault but I just fixed my slow (1-3MB) transfer rate by turning off the HP Insight Server Agents service. (cqmgserv.exe). Backups went straight up to 66MB/s..problem solved. I'm been searching the net for weeks to fix this.. maybe someone else will stumble on my post and help them too! My server is Windows 2008 R2 VM running on ESX5.5, HP Proliant DL380 server host. Backups are going to a Netgear ReadyNAS over the local LAN. The Server was p2v'd from an older DL180 box, hence the hp insight agents came with it…“

I had the exact same issue. Now the backups are woring as normal.


Cheers Robin


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