mount fail issue : spx linux


When i try to mount spx linux backup file, mounting image is failed.

but when i try to restore backup image file by using SCRE-linux-x64.2.2.4-21 image file, restoring data is completed.

Could you tell me why mounting image is failed?


error message : Could not mount /data/path : Code -1


spx version : 6.5.1

OS verison :  CentOS 7.2.1522

kernel version : 3.10.0-327.el7.x86_64

file system : XFS


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Without logs it could be a

Without logs it could be a lot of things. Generally though that tends to be environmental with that error. Are you seeing the the same behavior in 6.5.2?



Hello, I copy the spf file to other spx server and try to mount spf file but error is still displayed.

I try to mount other server's spx backup file and mounting is completed.  the spx version is same 6.5.2.


and below log is the messages log file regarding mount failed.

Mar 21 10:12:14 hcsp-1 spx_service: NotFound: chore.MountImage.failed_with_code<{"image": "/test1/root_VOL-b002.spf", "code": -1, "cause": "stcx.DLLException('error.sbmount.mount', data=b{'code': '<SBError.cannot_mount_volume_file: -5592565>', 'data': {'mountPoint': u'/m/', 'code': '<SBError.cannot_mount_volume_file: -5592565>'}})"} 

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I would open a ticket with

I would open a ticket with support. They're going to need to take a look at this in moer depth then we can on the forums.

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