Post-Seeding Replication

I've just created and sent off my first seed drive.  I expected that once the seed drive was completed, ImageManager would begin replicating incrementals to the StorageCraft cloud.  In fact, the Cloud Services User Manual says "After the Seed Drive is populated, ImageManager starts replicating new backups directly to the cloud."  Is there a way to determine whether this is happening?  When I log into the MSP portal and look at Machine Details I see "No attempts."  Is this the right thing to check or is there some other way to make sure things are working properly?



Sorry for the delay in

Sorry for the delay in response, I don't frequent this part of the forums often. In imagemanager there should be a status of the replication job to the right of whatever replication job (in this case the cloud) that should show you queued files and the current status of the replication.

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