Re-installed SPX but how to configure backups?


We had to remove and re-install SPX because for some reason the service kept stopping and the logs complained about missing JSON files. 

It's now working but the backup configuration is blank. The server has TB's of data so I'm keen not to have to re-seed it all again and do another full backup as that will take ages. 

The backups are on a NAS box on the network as they were.

Is there a way that I can point SPX at the NAS box so that it won't force another full backup?


Can I just add the destination and recreate the backup jobs and point them at the NAS box? Will SPX scan the destination and know that the Full is there?







Something you could try:

*Configure the destination where the pre-existing images are. SPX might take a while to cache these. Progress should be indicated in Background Tasks.

*Mount the last C: volume backup and browse to \ProgramData\StorageCraft\spx\

*Copy the spx.db3 file and restore it temporarily to your desktop

*Unmount the backup, Close SPX, Stop the SPX service

*Copy the spx.db3 file from your desktop to the local folder C:\ProgramData\StorageCraft\spx

*Start the SPX service and then start the SPX agent

I believe that the SPX job you previously had should exist again. Bear in mind, a DiffGen incremental backup is now likely to occur and take a while to complete through it's read/write process. The DiffGen incremental might also be slightly larger than a normal incremental file.




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Thanks Luke   I gave that a

Thanks Luke


I gave that a try and, when I fire up the SPX UI, it says it can't connect to the IP or port specified. 

I've tried versions of the db3 file going back weeks, certainly it was working at least two days ago, but they don't work. 

I stop the service, copy the file, start the service, but can't connect. The service stays running. 

Is there something else that needs to be considered?



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