remote admin through Norton Internet Security firewall?

How should I configure Norton Internet Security's firewall on a remote (Windows 10 Pro 64-bit) PC running ShadowProtect Desktop so that I can connect to it from my own Desktop in Network view?

I know there is an issue with the remote PC's firewall: on trying to connect, I eventually get "RPC server is unavailable", but if I temporarily disable the remote firewall then I (immediately) get "Access denied" (that's another issue).

My ImageManager console connects to the remote ImageManager service just fine, apparently on port 56765; I have no idea what port Desktop uses.



RPC Service unavailble

It sounds like you are getting blocked by the Windows firewall once you are disabling Norton.  The management console communicates using DCOM, and the Windows firewall will often block this traffic.  Try disabling the Windows firewall on both machines and see how it goes.  As far as Norton, you will want to reach out to them to get assistance on how to allow DCOM traffic so you can manage the other machine.

Here are some links that go over issues connecting from the management console:


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