Retention Failure/Deferement Issues (IM 7.1 and 7.5)

For a couple of months I have been dealing with a pretty consistent issue with ImageManager v7.1, and I have seen it continue with v7.5, where retention fails each time the daily processes are run. I monitor groups of servers and the backup destinations in ShadowControl, so when I come in for work, I see that the same few servers have the issue. When I remote into the servers, I find that indeed ImageManager is showing that there was failure during the retention processes. Generally, I run the daily processing and it clears the issue up. However it being a constant issue, I looked further into it with a couple of the servers, and looking at the logs for ImageManager I find the Enforce policy exception logged. Looking further into each backup directory for the .spi documented, I find that either the .spi has already been removed and the -cd left over, or the -cd has been created and the mentioned .spi has not been removed. I know that in cases where ShadowStream is involved, retention may be deferred. However I am experiencing this issue with servers that are not replicating backups anywhere else. Is there a known issue with ImageManager at times not completing retention, and rather deferring it to the next run of the daily processing for an unspecified reason? I only see this consistently on a handful of servers, so I am left to believe that it may be an isolated issue or caused by a conflict of the ImageManager daily processing and the age of incremental backups. Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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