Script to kick off new incremental backup in ShadowProtect?

We have in the range of 100-or-so clients whom we support backup for, all using ShadowProtect.  We also use an RMM software which is integrated with these clients.

I have suddenly come into the need to issue a command to kick off an incremental backup, not just for one system, but for a whole site's servers, which could be 10-20 of them.  This is messy, even with a plugin, as I have to go system-by-system.

Is there a Windows Shell command that can just tell ShadowProtect to kick off a new incremental backup job?  If this exists, then I can write a script to kick off that command at a given time.  This  is a pretty big deal, there are a number of basic things I'd like to do with ShadowProtect that if I only had a command-line reference for, it would become a much more powerful tool than it already is.



If you are using SPX, talk to

If you are using SPX, talk to your sales rep about our API documentation, it can do just this sort of thing. If you are using SP5 and you can start backups from its console, you might have to talk to the maker of the RMM to figure out how they are making those calls.


I am using SP5. Is there a

I am using SP5.

Is there a Windows Shell command to do this, though, using sbrun or something like that?  If there is, I can use that command to write an RMM script that issues the command.


Not for shadow protect 5

Not for shadow protect 5 unfortunately. Maybe there is something for the RMM you are using?

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