Seemingly cryptic error reporting in SPX

I am manging backups for a PC in another city.  SPX 6.3
The backup just failed.
Below is the "Backup Failed" email I received.
I can see NOTHING in this email to help explain the problem.  Only "General error".
I also use CMD on this workstation. 
When I look at this EndPoint, I see
a)  A Green "Status" on the EndPoints screen, despite this failure.
b)  Another explanation of "General error".
If I was at the system, or even remoted-into the system, I could look at the error log.

Could one of the following occur:
- Somebody tells me how I can get more information on this failure
- StorageCraft provides more details on failures.  General error doesn't help me.

I may be missing something obvious.  Please tell me if I am.


Contents of the email I received:

Backup Failed

Backup "Carol_backup" on BPS-01 failed backing up to SPX_Images_2017_PC (S:\SPX_Images_2017_PC).

There was a general error.

Start15 May 2017, 12:00Finish15 May 2017, 12:00Duration0:00:41


SourceResultC:\ (OS)Unable to take a snapshot of the volume.


Error description in ShadowControl EndPoint display:

See attachment if this  image doesn't show.

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General errors are tricky to

General errors are tricky to troubleshoot withoput the logs. I would recommend opening a ticket with support for this issue.


You may have missed my point


Thank you for your reply.
I mean no disrespect when I write this - but I think you have missed my point:

Here's my point:
You might not remember the predecessors to SPX.  But ShadowProtect provided meaningful messages like "Out of disk space", or "Error reading source drive". Compared to those messages, the messages in SPX are (what other word could I use?) lacking.

I am not talking about figuring out a particular problem.
I can open an incident.  I can look at logs.
That is NOT what my post is about.

My post is about (what other word could I use?) a "complaint".  For some reason, the developers of SPX enormously-lessened the value of error messages appearing in failure-emails.
THAT is the topic of my post.

The reply I'd love to see is:  "We see your point.  In an effort to focus resources on advanced technology, we need to get back to that in 2018"
As a service provider, I am negatively-impacted by those ommisions.

I hope this clarifies the purpose of my email.
If StorageCraft is offended by the "complaining" nature of this email, they can delete it.  I'll have no objection.

There ought to be some way to resolve cryptic error messages.  Status 34 and "general error" are not useful.



I completely agree, we've

I completely agree, we've been working since SPX came out to nail down our ever so helpful "General errors". I would put in a ticket with support so they can report it up to development to have it give a more useful error message.


Josh, I'm not sure what you


I'm not sure what you mean by "I wouled put in a ticket", but just avoid misunderstanding: I do not uintend to put in a ticket,


I mean exactly what I said.

I mean exactly what I said. Put in a ticket for this issue so support can escalate this issue to engineering so engineering can clean up the error message in a future release. Engineering doesn't frequent the forums much, and even then they can't do anything without proper logs and information, which support is relied on to gather from customers like yourself.


Simply put, if we don't have a ticket, we can't fix it. Better error logs and messagin were a big part of the 6.5 release and the better the error messages are, the better user experience is.


I agree, the generic errors

I agree, the generic errors are annoying - ShadowProtect 5.x had better error descriptions.

NOTE: You can go directly to the log file for more information.  They are stored in C:\ProgramData\StorageCraft\spx\log\ by default and the file name will be different per backup job - the example I'm looking at is named fc781970c635413096f868c39211d0f7.log

Search the log file for the word "failed" and you'll find a better description of the failure.


Don't make me use uppercase...


Email alerts are inadequate

Here's the problem:

Fred live in Omaha.  Steve lives in San Diego.

Fred (remote-) manages Steve's PC.

Fred uses SPX's email alert system to learn of failures on Steve's PC.

Backups on Steve's PC fail.

SPX sends Fred a useless General Error email alert.

SC should fix this.




Go ahead and put a ticket in

Go ahead and put a ticket in on this so Support can send this issue up to engineer so they can fix it please.

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