Server 2016 (virtualized on esxi) on Shadowprotect 5

Everyone - i don't believe it is officially supported but any issues with using shadowprotect 5 with server 2016? Thanks in advance-



Its not officially supported,

Its not officially supported, I would highly recommend SPX for server 2016. Having said that, it SHOULD work with the NTFS volumes, but again, your mileage may very and I would highly recommend SPX for Server 2016.


JPresto, I can say in our


I can say in our enviornment, we have 1 test machine that has 5.2.7 on a Server 2016.  Our other live servers have SPX 6.3 and above on those that run 2016.  I can say for certain that backups are definetly running with 5.2.7.  However how do you backup/where do you backup to?  We use an off domain server to hold all backups and run virtual boot in situations when something goes down.  I can say for certain that we have preformance problems on Virtual Booted servers with VB versions compatable with SP 5.2.7.  I'm sure Server 2016 would have similar issues.  

If you already have the backups on this server setup, I would definetly say you should run Virtual Boot tests for performance.  All and all you should stick with the newest version of SPX for your server 2016+ backups going forward.

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